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Accredited Online Degree Programs

Rocket Your Career into the Stratosphere with the Best Online College Degree Programs

In today's troubled economy and uncertain job market, online degree programs can help you to stay ahead of the competition curve and achieve greater financial security.

Getting a higher education from a distance learning college is a viable option if…

  • You are an ambitious professional seeking an effective way to open up more exciting career avenues and amplify your earning power
  • You have a desire for a career change, one that will help you better utilize your talents
  • You are looking for a flexible, affordable way to earn a degree from scratch
  • You feel stuck in a low-paying job, and want to earn a degree to launch yourself to the next level of success

If any of these describe you, enrolling in one of the many top-notch accredited online college degree programs may be just the right move for you.

Online degree programs provide an excellent environment to improve your skills for your current job, teach you new skills to find a better career, or prepare you to enter a brand new career field – all from the comfort of your home and at your own schedule.

You can choose from a wide range of program types, from business and information technology to health care and legal, and earn a degree from associate to doctorate level.

However, choosing the right online college degree takes some time and research. That's where eDegreeSteps.com comes in.

Why eDegreeStep.com? Benefits and Features

At eDegreeSteps.com, we know that you are investing your valuable time and money. Your career is at stake and hence you must not take any chances. We have conducted systematic and complete research on various online degree programs and we offer useful information to help you find the perfect e-learning program.

We give you an easy, convenient way to search for the best accredited online degrees. We feature only programs that are fully accredited - officially recognized by the university education system, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind.

On this site, you will find in-depth information about:

  • Top accredited online degree courses in the full spectrum of career fields
  • Job prospects, future trends and salary ranges for specific jobs, and potential for future growth in various careers
  • Areas of study and key skills you can expect to gain through your chosen program
  • What you can expect and who will benefit most from different distance learning degrees

You may ask - why online? Let's consider some of the amazing benefits.

Benefits of Online Degree Programs

Distance learning degree programs are ideal for busy professionals who need a very flexible study schedule, and have the drive to work hard to achieve more in their careers.

The best accredited online degrees offer the same high-quality education that traditional on-campus programs do, but they are often more affordable and usually far more convenient.

One of the most attractive features of online degree programs is that they are tremendously flexible. You can complete your coursework anywhere, anytime, scheduling studies around your work, family, and personal commitments.

Online degrees give you the opportunity to work at your own pace. So if you're ambitious and eager to give your career a boost quickly, you can work fast and earn your degree in a shorter time than you would in a conventional degree program.

Now that you know the major benefits, you might be wondering how distance learning programs work.

How Do Online Degree Courses Work?

Online degree programs take place exactly where you would expect - online. All you need to participate from anywhere in the world is a computer and Internet connection. You are free to complete your studies from anywhere, at home or while traveling.

You will perform coursework online, via online lessons and exercises, video and audio presentations, and virtual discussions with instructors and classmates via e-mail, chat, and forums.

Most programs allow you to progress at your own pace. So if you work twice as fast as another student, you can earn your degree in half the time.

Once you complete the program and earn your degree, you will be ready to compete in the job market armed with the latest skills and credentials.

Quite doable, right? Now let's discuss five key factors to consider in exploring various degree programs.

Factors to Consider Before Applying for an Online College Degree

The five major aspects to consider when comparing online degree programs are:

Accreditation: Is the college accredited? You will set yourself up for the highest degree of success by completing a program from a college or university that is officially recognized and accredited.

Reputation of institution: How is the reputation of the college? Review recent college rankings lists to find out how the institution rates.

Length of the course: Do you need to complete your program in half of the regular time, or would you prefer to work at a slower pace? Make sure the program allows you to work at your desired rate of speed.

Fees: What are the program costs, and do you have the budget to afford them? Consider payment terms and the availability of financial aid.

Return On Investment: What salary can you expect to earn with the degree you choose? Does the projected return justify your investment and time?

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