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ESL Degree Online Programs

An Online ESL Degree Gives You the Expertise to Teach English as Second Language to Students from Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds

If you are interested in helping people who aren't native English speakers learn the intricacies of this beautiful language inside and out, an ESL degree online program is just for you. The degree enables you boost your students' English efficiency by applying the latest ESL techniques.

With an online ESL degree, your job will be to improve English language proficiency of your students by implementing a step-by-step learning process. You will demystify this language for a set of people who want to improve their oral and written English skills in order to do their jobs better.

Online ESL courses give you essential expertise and training to teach students from multi-cultural backgrounds in variety of settings. Broadly, you will study the various aspects of language methodology, English language, and also gain linguistic understanding of the subject to impart theoretical and practical understanding of the language to students.

With a brisk change in demographics and continuous immigration, demand for educators who can teach English as a Second Language is growing upward. As undergraduate or ESL Master Degree holders, you can take teaching positions at the primary and high school levels as well as adult learning institutes. You can even travel the world to impart English language training to people who want to learn this language from experts. The options in terms of what you can do with your degree are endless.

What’s more, you can learn the ropes in your time from the comfort of your home, without sacrificing your existing professional commitments and family obligations.

An Extraordinary Array of Skill Sets with an ESL Degree Online

The courses that the degree covers are both exciting and challenging. You will get a better understanding of the various domains of English language including grammar, phonetics, lexicons and pragmatics. You will also learn the various ways and means to impart English education to students and also conceptualize, develop, and evaluate the necessary course curriculum.

The courses you will study include assessment theory and practice, theories of second language, instruction methodologies, language policy, the role of ESL teacher, research and more. This degree prepares you to impart learning in a way that is aligned with the cultural and professional sensibilities of the students.

You will also get a comprehensive idea of the various instructional strategies that have to be implemented as a part of one-to-one teaching and/or classroom learning. As an educator, you will have to handle various situations that are restricting learning for your students and an ESL degree online will ensure you gain the necessary skill sets that will help you manage every challenge thrown at you.

Career Path and Growth Prospects with Online ESL Degree

A graduate or ESL master degree online offers you a great opportunity to work in local and international universities, corporations, NGOs, and even government organizations. How you are able to leverage your learning is something only you can decide, but there is no doubt you will get plenty of opportunities to do so.

You can teach English professionally in a school or college or work in organizations that cater to cross geographical/cultural clientele. You can even choose to get involved with adult literacy programs or take charge of language training programs in multinational corporations. You can also take bigger responsibilities in curriculum design, policy making, and language evaluation.

Moreover, the demand for ESL teachers is on the rise. As the enrollment in schools and colleges goes up, so is the demand for teachers with this degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for teachers is expected to grow by 13% between 2008 and 2018, and your training as ESL teacher will help you leverage the utmost potential of this growth. One of the reasons for this growth is the enrollment of students for whom English is not the first language.

Salary Expectations with ESL Degree

According to Indeed, the average salary of an ESL teacher is $45, 000. As you rise up in the ESL hierarchy, the salaries will keep increasing for e.g. an ESL coordinator can draw an average salary of $91,000. As is the case with every profession, what you earn is entirely dependent on your efforts to zero in on the right job with the right kind of financial and professional growth prospects. The salary can also vary dependent on the location and the organization.

Future Trends in ESL

The implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has meant that the role of ESL teachers needs to evolve. As a teacher, you will need to become an important part of the academic policy decisions that will be taken at the school, district and state levels.

Implementation of interactive learning methodologies to improve student understanding of the language will also be something that teachers will need to focus on. Future trends in education suggest that teaching will be incisively results oriented and therefore ESL degree holders will continuously need to reinvent their learning strategies at multiple levels.

If you're looking for a mid-career switch towards teaching ESL or are just plain interested in a career as an ESL teacher, but don’t have the time to pursue a traditional degree, an ESL degree online available at eDegreeSteps is perfectly suited for your needs and requirements.

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