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About Us

eDegreeSteps offers accredited online college degree programs that are flexible alternatives to traditional college degrees and certifications. It is the one-stop-resource for students who want to enroll for Associate, Bachelors, Master, MBA, Doctoral, PhD or even certificate programs, but for various reasons cannot enroll for a degree from a brick and mortar college. This website connects students with an online education program of their choice and serves as comprehensive programs portal that offers information about these programs including career prospects, salary expectations and even future trends. The idea is to help students make an informed decision regarding the degree of their choice.

Potential students no longer have to trawl through various resources on the web to discover online programs of their choice. eDegreeSteps offers everything right from undergraduate to advanced degrees to professional certificates in an effort to be an extensive repository of online courses offered by the best colleges in the country.

Our Mission

This website and its offerings have been spurred by our core belief in making education accessible to everybody. Our mission is to change the face of education by making available affordable alternatives to expensive college degrees and certifications, and which allows students to earn a qualification of their choice in their own time. By doing so, we hope to improve their standard of living as they can explore new and lucrative avenues for career progression. The primary mission of eDegreeSteps is to offer prospective students an impressive and ever growing selection of courses that will allow them to experience the best of education.

The Goals

Our offerings aim to satisfy multiple goals that have one common theme – To make an essential difference to the lives of people who want to educate themselves by giving them insights into various courses that will help them chart a growth oriented career path. Our main goal is to make sure students get access to the kind of degrees that deliver optimum ROI in the form of knowledge, skill sets and the confidence required to make the most of their career choice. The online programs on the site are also offered with an aim to enable working people get a qualification without sacrificing their existing jobs.

Benefits of using eDegreeSteps

eDegreeSteps seeks to make the process of zeroing in on an online degree convenient and error free. We understand that choosing the right degree is one of the more important decisions in a person’s life and make it a point to offer the latest information regarding a particular course to facilitate better understanding of the course and how a student can make the most of it.

With us you get the following benefits:

  • A choice of the best online programs available on the market that will lay the foundation of a successful professional career.
  • eDegreeSteps believes in making available only the best online courses which means we take good care to scrutinize a particular program before we recommend it on the site.
  • We ensure that relevant information is made available to prospective students that makes it easier for them to judge the value of a degree and how it will give them a career boost.
  • We offer programs from an across the board range of categories including business, management, IT and computer, education, healthcare, law and criminal justice and others meaning there is something for everybody.

eDegreeSteps helps you find study programs that are tailor made to fit your educational needs and requirements. When you’re here, you don’t really have to go anywhere else to search for a degree or certification of choice. You can be rest assured that the online programs on this site are the best in business and will bring all your career dreams to life.

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