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Accounting Degree Online Courses

Supercharge Your Career With an Accredited Online Accounting Degree

Getting an accredited accounting degree online is one of the best choices you can make for lucrative career opportunities because in many ways accountants are the heart of any business and accounting is an evergreen area of study.

An online accounting degree allows you to apply your passion for numbers and sharp left-brain skills to elevate your business career dreams into reality.

In this all-about-number degree, you will learn how to collect, record and analyze financial information, keep the balance sheets up to date and assess investment risks.

With a bachelor's in accounting, you can get a decent entry-level accounting job. While MBA or master's in accounting prepares you for more challenging positions as accountant, auditor, budget analyst or financial analyst.

Online accounting programs offer you the most flexible and affordable way to jump start your career and find the best paying jobs in accounting, without the time-consuming travel needed to attend traditional college classes.

Why Should You Choose Accounting Online Degree Program?

Online accounting programs have the same high standards as traditional college programs, so your online degree has the same value in the job marketplace.

But the main advantage of online accounting degree programs is that you complete coursework online, on your own pace and terms.

Availability of sophisticated and cheap accounting software has created favorable situation to study the accounting degree online.

In online accounting courses, you learn and engage with course material using distance learning techniques like electronic texts, audio and visual presentations, interactive forums, and even innovative games and simulations. Assignments will be collaborative and solo.

These courses are interactive and require participation, and you can build strong relationships with instructors and other students through e-mail, chat, and forums.

Online Accounting Degree Programs Offer In-Depth Instruction and Valuable Experience

In accounting degree online programs, you will learn and master all of the skills you will need to track and analyze the financial information that is the life blood of business.

The major courses you will focus on includes financial accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, business law and ethics, auditing, economics, marketing, management, Federal Tax, statistics and information technology.

Your mathematical skills will be at a premium, as well as your tech skills. Accounting today relies on up-to-date software applications, so these skills will be emphasized in your online accounting courses.

Wide Range of Accounting Careers

An accounting degree will give you great career flexibility, preparing you to work in many different areas:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) perform accounting work for corporations, nonprofits, and individuals.
  • Forensic accountants investigate the financial details of white collar crimes, such as securities fraud.
  • Management accountants analyze financial information within a specific company.
  • Government accountants — federal, state, and local work with government agency financial records and may audit the tax filings of businesses and individuals.

Growth Prospects for Accounting Careers

Online accounting programs offer promising prospects for your career growth because so many aspects of business rely on accountants.

Research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics bears this out. Careers for people with bachelor’s and master ’s degrees in accounting will continue to grow faster than other careers. Here is a sampling of projected change in employment change from 2010–2020:

Bookkeeping and auditing clerks
Payroll services
Tax preparers

Salary Guidelines for Accounting Degree Holders

Online accounting programs open the door to a highly paid career, as well as many career paths within accounting, such as auditing and bookkeeping.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following median salary levels for careers in accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services:

Hourly mean wage
Annual mean salary

Future Trends in Accounting Careers

Business today depends more on professional support, including the essential work of accountants. And aiming high for a career in accounting is a solid bet on a promising future. Some key future trends in this essential profession include:

  • Increased opportunities in large firms, especially for seasonal positions
  • Nearly unparalleled opportunities for new graduates in accounting
  • Exciting technological advances and applications in accounting
  • Expansion of traditional accounting into advising and analysis
  • Increased financial incentives for accountants

Online accounting programs offer unique opportunities to have the career you really want. eDegreeSteps.com is here to help you unlock the door to your professional future.

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