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Online Business Administration Degree

A Rock-solid Degree for a Flourishing, Resilient Career

An accredited online business administration degree is your key to unlock high paying, rewarding career in the field of business.

In today's economy, the needs of business are always in flux, and pursuing a business administration program can set you up for success in the dynamic market. The multifaceted degree is a great hedge against a constantly changing economy.

Every business - large and small, needs administration. And people who work in business administration are the grease keeping the wheels of profit rolling in every company.

Many online business schools offer wide selection of specializations and degree levels, including associates, bachelors and masters.

And, of course, MBA is the most widely recognized business administration degree. If you earn an MBA, you will be on the level to compete for the highest-level positions around the globe.

Benefits of Online Business Administration Programs

Current technology allows students enrolled in an online business administration degree program to develop the same skills and have the same hands-on attention from professors as a traditional campus setting, using the same tools they will use in their careers.

While earning your degree and gaining marketable skills that will help you find a more lucrative career, you have the freedom to maintain your current position, and study when your schedule allows.

Many programs offer you the specializations that incorporate your skills, proficiency and interests, thus allow reaching your career goals.

Who Should Enroll for an Business Administration Online Degree?

An online business administration program is an outstanding option if you:

  • Enjoy ensuring that the processes and procedures essential to business functions run smoothly and on time
  • Are looking for that critical edge that will give you advancement opportunities
  • May be considering an entrepreneurial path and want the skills to effectively manage your own operations
  • Are seeking to increase your value and worth with your present employer
  • Want to work in management and higher level positions

Skills You May Learn in a Business Administration Online Degree

Online business administration courses will prepare you with the latest methods and skill to administer and manage business processes. A good program will give you knowledge and insight into these important business areas:

  • Marketing
  • Management and leadership
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business law
  • Media and communication
  • Research and writing
  • Information technology
  • Accounting
  • Statistic and mathematics

Job Prospects With a Business Administration Degree

Business administration programs open door of variety of productive and respectable careers in various business fields. Graduates with a business administration program can find money-spinning careers with above-average projected growth rates by 2020, such as:

Management, Business, Financial Services
Administrative Services Managers
Human Resources Managers
Business Operations Specialists

Salary Guidelines for Business Administration Degree Holders

Professionals with administration degree usually command higher pay and perks. See below median salary levels for several well-paid careers in business administration, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Sales Managers
General and Operations Managers
Management Occupations
Administrative Services Managers
Business Operations Specialists

Future Trends in Business Administration Careers

People are connected today like never before, and that opens up new challenges and opportunities in business. Some key future trends that will influence business administration include the following:

  • Social technology growth is transforming how businesses network with each other, their clients and customers, and their in-house personnel.
  • Larger volumes of data to manage will make security concerns a major factor in business administration.
  • Increasingly mobile workplaces are redefining how business workforces are organized and managed.

eDegreeSteps provides you with all the information you need to choose an online business administration degree program that fits your needs. Explore our listings to find the institution and program that's right for you.

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