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Homeland Security Degree Online

Protect Your Community and Country with an Online Homeland Security Degree

Homeland security degree online programs can provide the multi-disciplinary skills you need to thrive in a challenging field, protecting people and infrastructure from constant threat of terrorism, man-made disasters and natural calamities.

Threats to our personal and national security come in many forms and require a variety of professionals to prevent and respond efficiently in any undesirable event. With an online homeland security degree, you can help fight terrorism and other security threats and make the United States a safer and secure nation to live.

Homeland security degree programs focus on terrorism, biological warfare, national security, emergency planning, disaster management, information and network security and public safety. You will learn how to identify imminent threats, analyze and interpret intelligence information, devise emergency response plans, and minimize risk and potential damage.

An online degree in homeland security gives you the sophisticated tools and career-relevant knowledge you need to play vital role as law enforcement officer, border patrol agent, intelligence analyst, drug enforcement agent, counter-terrorism agent, cyber security analyst and private security.

With the advent of the War on Terror over the past decade and subsequent need to boost national security, many colleges now offer homeland security degree online programs to meet the growing demand of qualified security professionals. These online programs are convenient, flexible, cost-effective and time-saving, plus they are as valuable as the traditional campus based programs.

Skills You Will Learn in a Homeland Security Degree Program

Earning a homeland security degree online acquaints you with the basics of security work. You will learn how to recognize and assess threats and hazards and shape security policy to protect people and buildings.

You'll also learn how to work with the existing homeland security apparatus to mitigate the threat of terrorism and natural disasters.

This basic education can lead to more specialized education in infrastructure security, information and cyber security, emergency and crisis management, domestic and International Terrorism, and public safety.

Irrespective of specialization, some of the common courses offered in homeland security degree include:

  • Homeland security roles, policies and programs
  • Emergency planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Counter terrorism system
  • Intelligence research and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Information security
  • Public relations

You will also develop management and planning skills, proactive and critical thinking abilities, analytical and reasoning skills, and subtle observation skills.

Homeland Security Jobs and Career Overview

An online degree in homeland security won't just help you find a gratifying and challenging career in an exciting sector, but it will also help you protect and serve your community and country.

With so many areas of the U.S. needing to be secured, there is likely to be a job that fits your skills, needs and interests. Homeland security graduates can work for Department of Homeland Security, state and federal law enforcement agency, federal protective service, law enforcement agencies, federal drug enforcement administration, federal emergency management agency, corporate and private security firm, custom and immigration department, border patrolling department and local police departments.

Growth is expected to remain solid across many of the career paths through the end of the decade, and many of them pay quite well.

The Pay for Professionals in the Homeland Security Field

Professionals in homeland security are valuable to the country, and thus rewarded significant salaries for the service and sacrifice they do to protect our people and properties.

Future Trends in the Homeland Security Area

Homeland security officials help to keep our country safe, and are in high demand. Some key future trends in this essential profession include:

  • DHS is in the process of expanding from traditional counter terrorism and emergency management into wider areas such as critical infrastructure protection and digital intrusion which can disrupt the power grid or banking sector.
  • With emerging technologies in big data, data mining, cyber security and mobility, Department of Homeland Security will have to continuously implement new initiatives to leverage potential of data analysis and digital security breakthroughs.
  • Increased opportunities with the TSA, DEA, FEMA, immigration and border security, and other national security agencies.

If you have a passion and patriotism for protecting your country and helping others, pursuing homeland security degree online can help you channelize your fervor and put you on the right path. Browse out top online homeland security degree programs and take the first step to realize your dreams.

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