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Human Resources Online Degree Programs

Sharpen Your Human Management Skills with an Accredited Online HR Degree

Now more than ever, people with human resources education are in high demand, and getting your human resources online degree is a smart strategy that offers you extra flexibility in realizing your career goals more efficiently.

Once merely a recruiting arm, human resources has evolved into a vital element in strategic planning and business growth. Vibrant businesses rely on top-notch human resources professionals.

If you pursue a career in human resources, you will be part of the team in charge of enhancing staff morale and productivity and finding human solutions that are essential to business and personal success.

At eDegreeSteps, you can find the best online human resources management degree to launch your career to new heights.

Who Should Enroll for a Human Resources Online Degree?

Human resources is a highly specialized aspect of business administration, so students who have some business management experience or education should consider earning an online HR degree.

A career in human resources is a good choice for you if you are good with people and enjoy interacting with them professionally. Some background in accounting and finance will be helpful.

Earning your HR degree online is also ideal if you like making your own schedule, if you find commuting to campus unfeasible, or if you can't afford to take a leave of absence to complete your education.

Business today is looking for HR professionals who can inspire colleagues with their sharp leadership skills. If you can bring out the best in people, an online human resources management degree may be for you.

Human Resources Online Degrees Give You Marketable Job Skills

Online HR degree programs are more affordable and offer you more options than traditional college programs. But the best news is that you will receive the same quality college education in an online program.

Online human resource programs are becoming so popular that many reputable traditional universities now offer them with the same deep curricula and degree requirements as campus-based programs.

Online human resources management programs revolve around topics such as:

  • Recruitment and placement
  • Training and development
  • Interviewing and counseling
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Organizational psychology
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management theories

What Can You Expect from an Online Human Resources Degree Program?

  • While some courses allow you to attend class at your leisure, most virtual classes and assignments must be completed at set times according to the course syllabus.
  • You will interact with professors and colleagues through email, chat, and other online means, and many audio and video presentations will be part of your curriculum.
  • Online education appeals to the independent minded, but many core courses in online HR programs require completion of independent and group research projects.
  • You will learn many advanced theories of the practice of human resources and business management that will qualify you for a more fulfilling career.

HR Career Job Overview and Growth Prospects

With human resources degree under your belt, you have many career options to choose from. This includes HR manager, HR administrator, placement consultant, recruiter, hiring manager, talent acquisition lead and campus placement coordinator.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career prospects for human resources professionals through 2020 seem to be extremely optimistic:

Human Resources Managers
Human Resources Assistants

In addition, businesses all across the spectrum are expected to add close to 10,000 new jobs in human resources management by 2020.

Salary Guidelines for Human Resource Professionals

Because your leadership and communication skills will be at a premium in human resources, you can expect a higher than average salary as a human resources manager.

Human Resources Managers
Human Resources Specialists

Future Trends in Marketing Careers

  • Human resource managers will continue to play an ever-increasing role in strategic business planning. But as ever, strong people skills will be highly valued as business moves forward into increasingly global markets.
  • While HR becomes more vital to upper management, traditional roles like recruiting will continue to be important as business deals with a shortage of skilled employees.
  • Other human resource challenges that lie ahead include a generational change in the workforce as younger workers replace older Baby Boomers.

Overall, the future of human resources looks sharp, exactly the career a go-getter like you is looking for. eDegreeSteps is your touchstone for the best human resources online degree.

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