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Accredited Online MBA Accounting Programs

Apply Your Number-crunching Skills to Climb Corporate Ladder with an Online MBA in Accounting

If you are already working as accountant and are looking to advance your career, earning an online MBA accounting degree gives you the opportunity to take on challenging management positions with new and exciting responsibilities and puts you in line for a rise.

Or if you want to switch your career and interested in becoming a part of business world, getting an online MBA in accounting can boost your chances of being hired.

Many top online MBA schools offer you the opportunity to focus on the theory and practice of accounting as a specialization. The comprehensive curriculum in accounting concentration gives you solid understanding of advanced accounting concepts, budget forecasting, cost analysis, auditing and taxation.

With the skills and knowledge gained in an accredited online MBA accounting programming, you will be ready for top-level job at some of most prominent accounting firms, conglomerates and financial organizations.

Like a more standard online MBA program, these accounting-focused programs allow you to study on your own schedule and offer education and experience comparable to what you would receive in a traditional classroom setting.

Many skilled professors and business professionals take time out of their schedules to teach for online MBA accounting programs. This offers you the benefit of their specialized knowledge and real-world experience in the field.

The Skills You'll Learn in an Online MBA Accounting Program

An MBA in accounting can prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone entering the business field, and has an interest in helping businesses manage budgets and profits.

All MBA programs give the basics of accounting, but a specialization in accounting will give you a leg up in certain career paths.

You will engage in budget planning and management, financial reporting, auditing, government regulation and the principles and processes of tax law, as well as accounting information systems and how to properly analyze financial data.

You will also gain hands-on training in business communication, leadership, effective team-building, decision-making, and other related business management topics.

If you are already working in the field, an online accounting MBA can help you secure promotions to management positions denied to those with only a Bachelor's degree. An MBA indicates to your employers that you have the skills and drive to take on new challenges and greater responsibilities.

Job Outlook and Growth Prospects for Accounting Careers

Earning accounting MBA online offers you the chance to work in a number of fields, including as a chief financial officer, controller, auditor, financial accountant or management accountant in big accounting firm, bank, insurance company, financial service agency, government and non-profit organization. This means that strong job growth is expected over the next several years.

Job growth for those with accounting MBAs is expected to grow by as much as 16 percent over the next decade, especially as older workers enter retirement. Those employees with up-to-date skills and information are likely to fare best when competing for jobs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers for people holding master's degrees will grow more rapidly than other areas. Here is a sampling of projected change in employment from 2010–2020:

Payroll services
Tax preparers

What You Can Expect to Earn

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates an impressive median salary for those in the field of accounting, tax preparation, and payroll services.

Hourly mean wage
Annual mean salary

Future Trends in the Feild of Accounting

In many ways, accountants are the blood of any business and as the economy and business grow, their demand will grow synchronously. Some key future trends in this essential profession include:

  • As the complexity of business transactions keeps rising, accountants have to be on their toe to keep the financial documents and records ready in time.
  • The availability of innovative number-crunching tools will make it easy for accountants to offer variety of financial metrics and dashboards to their clients for real-time analysis.
  • Exciting technological advances and applications in accounting allow accountants to focus more on analysis.

If you are just starting out in accountancy or are interested in entering the corporate world, an online MBA accounting degree can help you gain in-depth knowledge of the industry and provide a wide range of opportunities.

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