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Accredited Online MBA Finance Programs

Put Yourself Ahead of the Curve with an Online MBA in Finance Degree

Through an accredited online MBA finance degree, you can make the world of finance and banking a rewarding career choice. If you are good at crunching numbers, MBA in finance program can teach you how to analyze and interpret the fiscal data to make far-reaching, meaningful financial decisions for your organization.

The finance concentration strengthen your knowledge of various finance related topics such as portfolio management, investment analysis, equity management, capital budgeting, risk management, return measurement and performance evaluation, international finance, banks and financial markets.

Along with solid understanding of academic principles, MBA finance online programs also expose you to case studies and real-world business scenarios, allowing you to gain practical expertise and develop strong decision-making and critical thinking skills you need to excel in the ever-changing financial sector.

You can take your courses online, scheduling your classes in evenings and on weekends, allowing you to learn on your own time, without forcing you to give up your career or the experience you are gaining from it.

Moreover, you get the same high quality education online, as you get on traditional campus based classes. Several online MBA Finance courses are taught by qualified finance experts and business professionals, many of whom work full time in the industry and bring their real-world, corporate experience in virtual classroom.

Who Should Enroll for an Online Finance MBA Program?

If you want to change your career and move into finance, enrolling for online MBA finance is great first step toward accomplishing your goal.

Senior management jobs in banking and finance tend to have high entrance requirements. Often, the positions are only available to those with quality experience and a Master’s degree in finance. This is why getting MBA finance degree through distance learning can be so suitable. It will help you to increase your career opportunities.

In addition to making you eligible for jobs in the financial sector, MBA with finance specialization is often incredibly useful for any manager or executive who expects to deal with money.

Learn Valuable Skills for Any Financial Operations Executive

Online MBA in finance programs are designed to provide you comprehensive knowledge and skills required to manage multiple aspects of finance including investment banking, corporate finance, international finance, cost analysis, financial forecasting, financial reporting and foreign direct investment.

You will learn a variety of skills in this program, including how to analyze investments and evaluate risk, how to invest in stock and bond, how to prepare balance sheet and income statement, how to apply analytics to access and mitigate risk, how to acquire or merge with other companies for mutual advantage and how to manage foreign investments and an organization’s foreign currency risk.

Finance MBA is also useful for those interested in entering the world of high-tech startups. You’ll learn how to evaluate companies and investments, how to hold an initial public offering, how to license and sell your technology and how to form a joint venture with companies creating compatible technology.

MBA finance programs also focus on developing practical leadership qualities, strong analytical and reasoning skills, and ability to apply your proficiency to solve complex corporate problems.

Find a Lucrative Career in a Growing Field with an Online MBA Finance Degree

An MBA in finance can open the door to a variety of jobs in the corporate structure related to the management of money, including:

  • Controllers: These individuals prepare financial reports to forecast a company’s position in the market for the coming months or years. These reports are often requested or required by government agencies, other corporate offices and stockholders.
  • Cash managers: Cash managers more directly monitor the flow of money in and out of an organization on a daily basis. They project cash flow to determine if the company will need a loan to cover costs and investments, or whether a surplus will provide money to invest.
  • Insurance managers: These financial professionals are most concerned with making sure that the organization is protected against potential risks. This may include analyzing the need to make disability payments or navigate lawsuits that may be filed against the company.
  • Stockbroker: Stockbrokers invest client's money in shares, mutual funds and other instruments. They help their clients to make sound investment decisions based on their investment goals and risk appetite.

The other common careers available for graduates are financial analyst, financial manager, securities analyst, financial advisor, portfolio manager and chief financial officer.

As a graduate of online MBA finance, you may expect to work in variety of settings such as bank, brokerage firm, government sector, insurance firm, investment firm, mutual fund corporations or private financial services agency.

The outlook for these jobs over the next 10 years is solid, but as the number of applications is expected to exceed open positions, competition will be fierce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following growth rates can be expected for those with an MBA in finance:

Financial Managers
Financial Analysts
Financial Advisors
Financial Examiners
Budget Analysts

Earn a Strong Salary with a Career in Business Finance

Finance is a solid career field, and most professionals find the work challenging and rewarding. It also earns individuals an impressive salary. The BLS estimates that the following was the mean wages earned by these professionals in 2010:

Financial Managers
Financial Analysts
Financial Advisors
Financial Examiners
Budget Analysts

The competition can be fierce, the stakes high and the rewards lucrative. Earning an online MBA finance degree can put you ahead of the pack in your quest for a successful career in high finance.

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