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Online MBA Human Resources Programs

An Accredited Online MBA in Human Resources Management Degree Help You Accelerate Your HR Career

Online MBA human resources programs teach you critical leadership and organizational skills required to successfully implement corporate HR strategies and manage company's best asset – its employees.

A solid knowledge of how to effectively manage employees and coordinate administrative functions is useful in advancing your career or finding work in an exciting and expanding field.

An online MBA in human resources gives you the knowledge to deal with recruitment of top talent, development of compensation policy, boosting staff morale, contract negotiation and function within large organizations making strategic plans for the long-term growth of companies.

Many online MBA human resources programs can be structured around an already busy life, arranging classes to fit your schedule in the way that a traditional MBA program never could.

Courses are taught by talented and knowledgeable professors who educate you on the latest in human resources theory. Some programs also have human resources professionals on staff who help you understand how organizational theory applies to practical situations.

What Will You Study in an Online MBA Human Resources Program?

Earning human resources MBA online gives you the basic theory and practice of personnel management and organization, skills that are invaluable in finding and recruiting the best people for your business.

Students also learn about labor relations law and how to effectively manage risk, both in recruiting and assigning employees and managing and controlling the social climate of the workplace. HR professionals are vital for maintaining good morale among employees.

You will also learn how to most effectively use any company's most important and versatile asset — its people. You'll learn how to recruit and retain right people, set the culture and organize and deploy employees and teams to deal with daily issues.

The curriculum of online MBA human resources programs include business courses like accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and economics. While the human resources specific courses consist of human resources management, training and development, employment law, compensation and benefits, labor relations, recruiting and staffing.

What You Can Expect from Human Resources MBA Online Programs?

A bachelor's degree and strong interpersonal skills are required to get a job in human resources. An online MBA in human resources management can be incredibly useful for anyone looking to break into the field. It will definitely make you stand out among the competition.

All types of management professionals benefit from a human resources education. Those looking to enter the field may find that online MBA human resources program gives them an edge over other applicants. Managers who regularly deal with employees may find that it helps make for better organization.

Career Path Available to Those With an Online Human Resources MBA

The most common career for someone with a human resources MBA degree is to go into the human resources management field. Your specialization in HR can also open doors to number of rewarding careers, including placement consultant, recruiting manager, compensation and benefit manager, labor relations and dispute resolution manager, and corporate training manager.

Growth projections over the next 10 years are strong, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Human Resources Managers
Human Resources Specialists
Labor Relations Specialists

Salary Expectations for the Human Resources Professionals

Finding the right person for the job and organizing human resources is going to be incredibly important to the smooth and efficient function of business going forward. As a result professionals in these areas continue to draw good salaries.

According to the BLS, professionals in the human resources management field made the following median salary in 2010:

Human Resources Managers
Human Resources Specialists
Labor Relations Specialists

Future Trends in Human Resources Management

Human resources management and recruiting is a fascinating area of study. For those who pursue human resources MBA, many jobs will be available. The following are some trends expected to affect the industry:

  • Increasing hiring will require skilled human resources professionals to meet organizations' requirements
  • Recruiting international workforce and outsourcing can bring HR professionals into uncharted territory
  • The flood of qualified candidates will need people who can sort out the best candidates
  • Technology will reveal new ways of doing business that require new types of organization structures and policies

An accredited online MBA in human resources program can give you solid grounding in how to recruit, manage and organize employees to meet corporate goals. At eDegreeSteps, we help you to find the top online MBA human resources programs.

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