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Online MBA Information Technology Programs

Prepare for a Money-spinning and Challenging Career in IT Management with an Online MBA in IT

With an online MBA information technology management degree, you can take on mid-to-upper level IT management positions in a rapidly changing technological field. A solid understanding of information technology and business management principles make you valuable asset to your organization and also provide a boost to your career.

We are living in a period where businesses are increasingly driven by technology, and qualified experts with outstanding technology expertise and business knowledge are in high demand in today's extremely technical business environment.

Online MBA in information technology programs help you develop superior analytical, critical thinking and management skills with emphasize on enterprise level system design, database management, e-commerce, cloud computing, business process improvement, and information system management. The career-focused, practical curriculum teach you how to use technical proficiency to solve real-world, complex business problems.

If you want to move to IT management, the MBA information technology degree helps you to switch to IT administration or leadership position in a variety of settings across various industries. The unique combination of technology, management and business skills also prepare you to succeed in a cross-functional business environment.

Enrolling in an online MBA information technology is a convenient and effective way to learn the essentials of both worlds on your own schedule. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience, and programs are often far more cost-efficient than on a traditional campus.

Skilled computer science and information technology professionals teach courses in IT management. Additionally, many online MBA in IT programs utilize professional programmers and IT managers in the virtual classroom who offer valuable real-life perspectives.

Who Should Enroll in an Online MBA Information Technology Management Program?

For most information technology positions, a bachelor's degree is enough to secure the technical job. But MBA in IT is an excellent choice for you if you…

  • Want to stand out from the competition for top management and leadership roles in IT
  • Are looking to make the move from IT worker to IT management position
  • Are experienced IT professional looking for comprehensive knowledge of IT management and business process implementation

Skills You Will Learn in Online Information Technology Management Program

An online MBA in IT gives students a unique perspective on business, information technology and management. You will learn how to leverage information technology to increase business efficiency and meet organizational goals.

Students learn the basics of business and management, including how to run a business, implement strategies, motivate employees and manage risk effectively. You will also learn how to apply these lessons to the world of information technology.

Other areas of study may include how to manage diverse IT functions, manage and update software within a large business organization and handle IT projects effectively to make sure organizational goals are met.

Many online MBA information technology programs allow you to work with real IT professionals who help you understand the complexities of managing information technology for a large corporation. They also show you how to effectively manage time, budgets and risk.

The typical curriculum merges the core and specialized courses in business and information technology. The business and management courses may include managerial economics, financial management, capital budgeting, managerial accounting, risk management, and organizational behavior.

On the technical side, the syllabus focus on IT project management, enterprise database management, e-commerce, information system security, cloud computing, data communication, management information systems, business intelligence and data warehouse.

Career Options for those with Information Technology MBA

Computers and information technology are expected to be a big part of business in the coming years, and clever people with an ambition to work with information technology are likely to find solid and fulfilling careers in this industry.

Among the most common career paths for someone with an online MBA in information technology is to take a position in IT management. This might involve managing enterprise level projects, leading multi-disciplinary team of IT professionals, or overseeing the information technology department of a large bank, financial and insurance firm, telecom company, IT consultancy, and software company.

The position titles with MBA in information technology include MIS manager, IT manager/director, information systems manager, information management analyst or chief information officer.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in this sector is expected to be strong over the next decade:

IT Project Manager
Information Systems Managers

Salary Expectations for the Information Technology Management Professionals

Computers and other devices are expected to be an increasingly large part of business and life. Those with the inclination and education to pursue careers in IT and business management can expect to draw good salaries in the coming years.

According to the BLS, professionals in this field made the following median salary in 2010:

IT Project Manager
Information Systems Managers

Increasingly complex business challenges will fuel the demand for skilled IT professional with exceptional business acumen and an online MBA information technology degree can give you tools and techniques to find real-time solutions to multifaceted organizational problems.

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