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Accredited Online MBA Marketing Degree

Embark on a Career in an Exciting, Fast-Paced Field with an Online MBA in Marketing

The field of marketing and promotions is bursting with new opportunities — and an online MBA marketing degree helps you earn a place in this exciting field.

In today's extremely competitive and complex marketing world, where the market is literally flooded with products and customers are becoming more and more sophisticated, businesses need skilled marketing professionals to create powerful and intuitive brands.

The online MBA in marketing program helps boost your skills and knowledge in marketing-oriented topics such as brand management, market analysis and research, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, product management, and customer relationship management.

Unlike more traditional courses, online MBA programs in marketing can be quite affordable. They are also not locked into a specific geographic area, allowing you to learn from the program that is right for you—no matter where you live.

Online marketing MBA programs also allow you to study when and where you desire. Classes are often available on nights and weekends, allowing you to keep your job while studying to gain the skills that will improve your position and let you take on greater challenges.

Marketing professionals with experience in the field teach these classes, as well as professors who have a thorough understanding of the latest in marketing skill and theory.

Who Should Consider an Online MBA in Marketing Degree?

In the new world of online marketing, up-to-date information is essential to success, as new theories and strategies are being developed all the time.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in promotion and advertising should consider an online MBA marketing. Taking the opportunity to learn new skills will be beneficial to any company you work for, and will in turn put you in line for promotions that come with greater responsibility and higher pay.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners may also find the information useful, as they may have a product or service they wish to offer the market, but not enough money to hire a marketing expert or an agency to do the advertising for them.

The Key Skills Learned Through an Online Marketing MBA Program

While working toward an MBA in marketing online, you will learn all of the standard MBA skills on how to manage people, handle risk and make decisions quickly and accurately. With a focus on marketing, you will learn how to identify new markets, devise and implement new advertising and marketing strategies, how to buy space in media, how to evaluate and understand an effective marketing effort and how to build positive customer relationships.

You will also gain valuable skills to track and measure marketing campaign outcomes, consumer behavior, market patterns, and emerging trends.

With advancement in communication and Internet technology, marketing experts must acclimatize to emerging trends and techniques. The MBA in marketing prepares you to integrate mobile marketing, Internet marketing, and social media marketing into traditional marketing strategies.

These skills are invaluable to anyone looking for a position in marketing, either within an existing company or at a marketing or PR firm.

Stable Growth and Good Pay in an Exciting Job Market

Any company that creates something will eventually need the help of marketers or advertisers to find success. Whether they hire someone to work in house or contract with an agency, marketers are crucial to connect a brand with consumers.

As the means of media consumption and advertising shift, skilled and technologically adept marketing professionals are becoming vital to the success of any organization.

With a comprehensive understanding of marketing theories and business knowledge, graduates of marketing MBA online programs can find lucrative career as a marketing manager, brand manager, marketing analyst, advertising manager, market research analyst, public relations manager and sales manager.

Marketing professionals are in high demand in variety of industries and organizations including automobile, electronics, banking and finance, retail, advertizing agency, public relations firms, and government agencies.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the following growth rates over the next decade:

Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Market Research Analysts
Public Relations Specialists

Salaries are Great for Those With an MBA in Marketing

Pay for marketing professionals is often very strong. According to the BLS, these professionals now earn the following:

Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Market Research Analyst
Public Relations Specialists

Emerging Trends in the Field of Marketing

Due to the Internet, social media and other technological advances, marketing is an ever-changing field. Here are some expected trends in the years to come:

  • In global economy, marketing managers have to create global brands to promote a company’s products and services in a foreign marketplace.
  • Content marketing will continue to play a major role in how brand position themselves online, including the use of blog content and social media.
  • Marketing professionals will need to stay constantly updated on the latest in technology, digital media and social platforms.
  • Organizations will likely hire more marketing professionals to boost their efforts as the economy improves.

An online MBA marketing program prepares you for endless opportunities in prestigious and promising field of marketing and advertising. Explore the accredited online marketing MBA programs and get ready for challenges in marketing.

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