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Accredited Online Associate Degree

Your Career Takes Off with an Associate Degree Online Program

An online associate degree from an accredited online college offers you decent career and upward mobility. Moreover, it may be the solution to many of your perplexing problems, especially if:

  • You feel you're stuck in a nowhere career, with no prospects for better pay or benefits
  • You want to go to college but find commuting to a traditional school impractical
  • You're looking for an affordable and convenient way to dramatically increase your career opportunities

In 2 years or fewer, you can complete an associate degree in a wide range of professional and academic subjects.

Additionally, online associate programs give you extra convenience and flexibility by allowing to study at your suitable time and at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

An associate degree can be a final goal or a step along the way to a bachelor or master degree. With so many possibilities, eDegreeSteps offers this objective guide to associate degree online programs.

Why Pursue an Associate Degree Online?

Everyone knows that a college education is the key to more earning potential over a lifetime. But attending a traditional college program is expensive and time consuming, luxuries most working people simply cannot afford.

A popular and respectable solution to this dilemma is an online associate degree. More and more quality, accredited colleges and institutions today are offering online associate programs.

Earning your degree online has numerous benefits over attending a traditional college. You will attend classes without leaving home, saving time, money, and stress getting to and from class. You can schedule your classes around your life more easily and pursue your education at your own pace.

Who Can Benefit from an Associate Degree Online Program?

Almost anyone can benefit from online associate programs, but especially people who:

  • Can't conveniently commute to campus
  • Work well independently and are comfortable using computers
  • Are too busy with work or family to attend class 15 hours per week
  • Are motivated to succeed in exciting and fast-growing industries like health care and IT
  • Want to earn a 2-year degree before pursuing a 4-year degree

How Can You Enroll in an Online Associate Program?

In an associate degree online program, you will be working toward the equivalent of a community or junior college degree. In short, it is the next educational step after high school, so anyone with a high school diploma or general education degree (GED) is eligible to enroll in an online associate degree program.

Each institution has a clearly designated application process you can complete either online or in person. You will need official transcripts from your high school or proof of your GED, as well as verifiable identification and proof of residency.

What Can You Expect in Associate Degree Online Programs?

Online associate degree programs have the same high academic and professional standards as traditional college programs. In a typical 2-year associate's curriculum, you will concentrate on basic courses in your degree discipline of choice, as well as some basic college-level courses such as mathematics and English composition.

Learners who can work independently and stay on top of assignments and coursework do best in online distance-learning environments. Attending college without the regular social interaction of traditional settings can take some adjustment.

Earning your associate degree online will give you the knowledge and credentials you will need to open more career options or power your way to a 4-year bachelor's degree. Your level of educational success depends entirely on your personal commitment to do the required work.

What's Next? Beyond Your Online Associate Degree

Your associate degree is the key to furthering your career or educational goals. You can transfer your credits to most other colleges and universities if you wish to earn your bachelor's degree or more.

But many successful professionals earned their credentials in an online associate program, especially in technical fields like computers, graphic design, health care support, and registered nursing.

Your associate degree will increase your earning power by as much as 20% over workers with only a high school education, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Bottom line is… earning your online associate degree can be the true beginning to your life's journey.

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