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Accredited Online Bookkeeping Courses

Getting an Online Bookkeeping Degree is Your First Step to a High Growth Career in Business

Accredited online Bookkeeping courses offer best ways to boost your employability while embarking on a business career path. Most people can earn online degree in bookkeeping at a lower cost and more quickly than through other business programs.

Bookkeeping is a stable starting position because companies from small business to large corporations always need professionals with excellent attention to detail and skill with the latest accounting software.

A career in bookkeeping usually provides further on the job training and is an excellent way to become familiar with accounting, trading and business principles that can boost your future career options.

Benefits of Online Bookkeeping Courses

Many traditional campus settings do not offer degrees or programs specific to bookkeeping, a subject usually covered as part of a longer accounting course of study.

Studying bookkeeping online offers the advantage of putting you directly on the path to a professional certification that will qualify you to work in bookkeeping positions at small businesses and large corporations.

Online bookkeeping training programs take less time and can cost much less than longer programs in accounting and finance. From start to finish you could step into a new career path in around six months, or sooner if you are ambitious and can work at an accelerated pace.

And like all online courses, you have the flexibility to work towards your degree and certification on your own time and from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, an online bookkeeping degree may be ideal for someone with the entrepreneurial spirit - many bookkeeping professionals start their own small business to handle financial record-keeping for other companies that do not have a bookkeeper on staff.

Who Should Enroll for an Online Bookkeeping Training?

An online bookkeeping program is an excellent choice if you:

  • Have excellent attention to detail and enjoy numbers and record keeping.
  • Are considering starting your own bookkeeping business.
  • Want to launch an accounting or finance career path.
  • Are not sure if you want to invest the time and money in a longer accounting or financing degree program.
  • Want to start or change careers with a position that can provide on the job training and assistance with further education.
  • Are looking for a stable position while pursuing career or educational advancement.

What You Can Expect from Online Bookkeeping Courses

In your online bookkeeping courses, you will master all of the skills and techniques you will need to keep accurate and reliable financial records. Bookkeeping today relies on specialized software applications, so in your online classes, you will learn the strengths and limitations of various applications.

Depending on your educational focus and goals, you will also study a wide range of other topics to enhance your employability, such as business administration, mathematics, research writing, accounting, auditing, and statistics.

Careers Options with Online Bookkeeping Courses

An online bookkeeping degree will put you on the path to a professional certification that will prepare and qualify you for financial record-keeping in companies and government agencies.

Many small companies have dedicated bookkeepers while large corporations employ bookkeepers in positions like these:

  • Bookkeeping Clerk – Responsible for bookkeeping and financial records
  • Accounting Clerk – Responsible for departmental record keeping (e.g., accounts receivable)
  • Auditing Clerk – Responsible for examining financial records to ensure accuracy

Most bookkeeping positions will bring you a solid, stable salary between $35,000 and $45,000 per year - which is on the upper end for entry-level career paths.

A large number of bookkeeping positions provide on-job training and experience that will give you a competitive edge in further accounting or finance educational programs.

Check out our online bookkeeping Courses listing to find the perfect program to give you a head start in an accounting and finance career.

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