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Online Business Degree

Accredited Online Business Programs Offer Excellent Return on Investment

Business Degree Programs

Today's highly competitive job market is evolving at warp speed, and earning an online business degree is a flexible, affordable way to keep your job skills sharp and shine bright in your business career.

But if you're a working professional clocking in long hours at the office, you don't have the time or energy to commute to a traditional university campus and attend night and weekend classes.

Ambitious, busy professionals are increasingly choosing online business programs as a navigable path to advancing their careers, boosting their job marketability, and securing high-paying jobs - all from the comfort of home, without sacrificing their existing job.

Whether you want to get a graduate business degree or a MBA degree, at eDegreeSteps, you can find the perfect online business program to accelerate your career and launch you to the next level of success and earning power.

Who Should Enroll for an Online Business Program?

An accredited online business degree could be the perfect choice for you if you are a working professional and:

  • You want to obtain a higher degree so you can broaden and sharpen your professional knowledge and skills, and advance with your current company
  • You're preparing to seek a new career opportunity that better utilizes your talents, is more rewarding, and is more lucrative
  • You're busy with your current job and need the flexibility and convenience of learning from home
  • You're a driven individual who wants to complete your studies more quickly than a traditional program allows
  • You live far from a top-notch educational institution, and commuting to school is not feasible
  • You want a high quality of education, a marketable degree, and an affordable alternative to the conventional college path
  • You're a driven individual who wants to complete your studies more quickly than a traditional program allows

Online Business Degree Specializations

What You Can Expect from an Online Business Course?

The main advantage of online business programs is that you complete coursework online, on your terms. Some programs require that you log in and participate a minimum number of days each week, but you choose when to log on - whether that's early in the morning, right after work, or late at night.

Online business programs offer the same high-quality education that traditional universities do, but they can be much more affordable. Top-notch professors create challenging curricula that are just as comprehensive as those taught in campus classrooms.

Most programs require students to complete one course at a time, then progress to the next.

You will learn using a combination of electronic text materials, audio and video presentations, interactive chat classrooms and forums, and even strategy games and simulations. Just as in traditional classrooms, you will complete some assignments solo, and others with online teams.

Online business degrees are interactive and require participation, and you can communicate with instructors and other students through e-mail, chat, and forums.

What Are Prerequisites for Admission to Online Business Degree?

Prerequisites for various online programs vary, but requirements for many business programs include:

  • Residency in the US, or the state where the educational institution is located
  • A minimum level of education, such as high school diploma or GED equivalent, an associate's degree, or a certain number of transferable credit hours from another institution
  • Minimum GPA, usually 2.0
  • Prerequisite business courses in the areas of finance, management, computers, economics, math, and statistics
  • Foreign language studies, usually 2 years in the same language
  • No expulsions from other institutions

Business Careers Market Overview and Growth Prospects

According to research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career prospects for bachelor's and master's degree holders in business are very promising. Here is a sampling of projected change in total occupations from 2010–2020:

Business and financial operations
Finance and insurance
Office and administrative support

Salary Guidelines for Business Degree Holders

Here are median salary levels for some lucrative business careers, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Chief Executives
Advertising, Marketing, Sales Managers
General and Operations Managers
Public Relations, Fundraising Managers
Industrial Production Managers
Administrative Services Managers
Management Analysts
Financial Examiners
Financial Analysts
Budget Analysts

Future Trends in Business Careers

People around the world are connected today like never before, and that uncovers new challenges and opportunities in business. Some key trends that open up avenues for career growth are:

  • Social technology growth
  • Increased demand to manage Big Data
  • New, more mobile workplaces
  • Increasing consumer power and choice
  • Smart machines and robots replacing jobs and creating new ones
  • New, more creative financing approaches

You've never had so many opportunities to advance your education and earning power as you do today. Explore this site to find the perfect online business degree program for you, and launch your career into the stratosphere.

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