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Online Computer Programming Degree Course

An Accredited Online Computer Programmer Degree Can Make Your Virtual Dreams Come True

An online computer programming degree opens doors to new worlds of exciting opportunities. If you're a creative person with a vision to make exciting virtual worlds come to life on a computer screen, you may be a future star programmer.

Computer programmers are the Mozarts of technology world, creating, testing, debugging and developing the software that commands every computer. Without good programmers, our world, both real and virtual, would be less bright.

As a student of an online computer programmer degree program, you will take several courses in programming languages and algorithm development and develop skills to write efficient and error-free programs.

Computer programmers have to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as being creative visionaries. And today, quality online computer programming courses make it easy for you to pursue your programming dreams.

Earning your computer programmer degree online has never been more convenient with eDegreeSteps' handy guide to online computer programming degree programs.

Who Should Enroll in an Online Computer Programming Degree Program?

The virtual classroom is ideal for people who have a knack for technology and love to solve problems while working both independently and in collaboration with others.

Online computer programming courses are also perfect for people who:

  • Never finished college when they were younger
  • Are too busy with a current job to take time off from work
  • Are looking for a second, more fulfilling career path in a fast-growing technology industry
  • Can't commute to traditional college classes
  • Want to study at a school too far away to attend in person

What Will You Study in an Online Computer Programming Degree Program?

With the dominant rise of computer technology, skilled computer programmers are in high demand in business and industry. And because every computer application requires software, the field of computer programming is wide open.

You will learn a variety of computer languages while earning your online computer programming degree, as well as related studies that will help prepare you for an exciting career. You can earn various levels of degree, from associates to doctoral degree.

A typical curriculum in online computer programmer degree include courses and topics such as computer science fundamentals, discrete mathematics, advanced programming techniques, algorithm, data structures, software engineering, object oriented programming, database programming, SQL, web programming, operating systems, security concepts, network architecture, and above all various programming languages like C, C++, Java, and C#.

Computer Programmer Career Overview and Growth Prospects

Software programs are the life blood of the computers. Without sophisticated software, even the most technologically advanced computing devices would be dead and useless. As a result, the industry requires expert computer programmers to give the avant-garde hardware devices life and make them viable and useful.

Because their skills are highly specialized and in such high demand, it would seem that career growth prospects for computer programmers are strong. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in this field is expected to grow faster than other occupations through 2020:

Computer Programmer
Systems Software Developers
Application Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Computer Programming

Computer programmers have more career opportunities and earn competitive salaries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for people holding a bachelor's degrees in computer programming in 2010 was:

Systems Software Developers
Application Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Computer Programmer

Future Trends in Computer Programming

The world of computer programming has many sub-fields and elaborate cultures built around them. One of the continuing trends in computer programming is language specialization. Because software development is a detailed and technical practice, programmers typically specialize in one or two of the common languages.

In addition to specializing in only a few computer languages, programmers will have to be familiar with the most popular ones, namely Java and C#. Programmers who have fingers in different languages will have more career prospects.

Contemporary computer languages are more flexible and allow for more integrated interaction with other languages. Programmers are challenged by new approaches to developing and testing computer programs.

In an online computer programming degree program, you will master about all of these trends and more. At eDegreeSteps, you can find the best online computer programming courses for your ambitions.

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