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Online Computer Science Degree Programs

Get Ready for an Exciting Career in the Binary World with an Accredited Online Degree in Computer Science

An online computer science degree can prepare you for an exciting career in an industry that continues to grow in surprising ways. Online, you will acquire the skills and knowledge you need to design and create innovative new computer technology that can be applied to find real-time solutions.

Computer scientists design new software applications and utilize computers in new and innovative ways that benefit business, science, governments and common people - in short, everyone. It is an essential growth industry that rewards creative thinkers and innovative spirits.

If you're inspired by computers and see endless possibilities in binary codes, you might excel in an online computer science degree program. Your computer science degree along with analytical, research and problem solving skills can offer you exciting career opportunities in prestigious technology companies.

Many excellent colleges and universities offer computer science degrees at every level, from associate to doctorate degree.

Earning your computer science degree online has never been easier. You can unlock unexplored universes from the comfort of your home. eDegreeSteps is your comprehensive primer for top online computer science degree programs.

Online Computer Science Degree Programs Require Critical Thinking and Math Skills

Online computer science degree programs teach you how computers work from the inside out. You will need some basic math understanding and strong problem-solving skills, but previous programming experience is required only for post-graduate programs.

In an online computer science program, you will be exposed to a broad range of software applications, operating systems, security issues, programming languages, design concepts, embedded systems and databases, discovering how to build a complete computer system from scratch.

Along the way, you can specialize in different areas of computer science:

  • Software development
  • System analysis and design
  • Database management
  • Network administration
  • Computer security
  • Robotics
  • Mobile Development

Some students enter online programs with a clear path of study in mind while others find their paths along the way.

Online Computer Science Degree Programs are Ideal for Distance Learning

What better way to learn everything about computers than in a virtual classroom where the computer is the chalkboard, desk, library, campus? Students use a wealth of technology in online classrooms, which helps to better prepare them for technology careers.

Online computer science programs use the latest distance-learning techniques, including multimedia presentations, video chat rooms, and collaborative projects. Online classes are taught by distinguished professors who will share their knowledge and experience with you.

In short, earning your computer science degree online allows you to design your own course of instruction, focusing on the specialization that best suits your skills.

Computer Science Career Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Computer science is vital to business and more, so qualified computer scientists are in high demand.

Computer science graduates work in large technology companies, IT departments of big corporations, government agencies and even in military. Many graduates with entrepreneurial spirit work towards their own startups focusing on custom software programming, web development, mobile apps development and IT consultancy.

According to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career growth in computer science jobs through 2020 is far above all other jobs:

Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Database Administrator
Systems and Networks Administrator
Computer Programmer

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Computer Science

Computer science professionals are well paid for pursuing careers they love. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average salaries for computer science professionals in 2010 was far above the national average:

Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Database Administrator
Computer Programmer
Systems and Networks Administrator

Future Trends in Computer Science

Computer technology is as popular as ever, and because of phenomenal innovations in computer science over the last 30 years, technology has more and more practical applications than ever before.

  • Only in the last 10 years has computer power become more powerful and affordable. This trend is likely to continue, as seen in the popularity of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. As mobile devices proliferate, the demand for more software applications will continue.
  • Cloud computing is another recent trend, but the viability of the cloud is in doubt because of security concerns. The need for better cyber security will be the dominant trend in the industry in the coming years as the cyber world becomes more and more sophisticated.
  • Another interesting trend in computer science is a concept called the Internet of Things, the idea of creating a computer-generated inventory of everything. Although the complete concept is many years away from reality, some of the necessary components, such as radio-frequency ID, are within reach.

Computer science is an exciting field ripe for innovative thinkers, and an online computer science degree could be your key to a limitless future. eDegreeSteps can help you find the top online computer science programs.

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