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Online Curriculum and Instruction Degree

An Online Instructional Design Degree Helps You Improve Quality and Accountability in Education

If you are an educator looking to make a difference in the field of education by improving the quality of subject curriculum and instruction methodologies, an online curriculum and instruction degree is for you.

Curriculum directors design and devise efficient curriculum modules, use technology to boost student performance and diminish achievement gap, and apply systematic research methods to optimize knowledge acquisition.

A Masters degree in curriculum and instruction is a specialist degree, which helps educators and administrators refine their skills in curriculum and instructional design. The objective of this degree is to give you newer insights into the process of imparting education and prepare you to provide noteworthy contributions to education field. The degree will help you penetrate deeper into academic subjects, gain vital understanding of current theories in curricula planning and hone your instructional skills.

With your instructional design degree, you will be given extensive charge of preparing a course curriculum that is structured to suit the demands and expectations of educators and students. You will also focus on subject matter areas where there is need for greater teaching expertise and an improvement in teaching methodology.

An online curriculum and instruction degree offers greater flexibility and special convenience. Additionally, proficient academics and industry experts with a broad understanding of curriculum development and performance assessment teach courses and share their experience.

What Will You Study in an Online Instructional Design Degree?

The coursework of the Masters degree in curriculum and instruction takes into consideration that you are already a qualified and experienced educator or administrator, who is interested in broadening the value driven contribution you are already making to education.

The courses that are a part of online curriculum and instruction degree give you knowledge and skills to improve curriculum and coaching methods based on latest trends and meticulous research. The degree helps you become more responsible educator by improving the learning environment, increasing student participation and making a positive impact on students.

Typical courses include but are not limited to Research in Curriculum and Instruction, Applied Learning Technologies, Current Issues in Education, Multicultural Education, Special Education Teaching Methodologies, Advanced Curriculum Mapping, Teacher Leadership, Teacher Supervision and Evaluation, Educational Assessment and Effective Learning Environments.

The broad based and comprehensive curriculum of online instructional design degree will give you all the knowledge you need and will help you earn the kind of skills that will stand you in good stead for a long time to come.

Career Prospects and Growth with an Online Curriculum and Instruction Degree

Typically, a large percentage of people who enroll for an online instructional design degree are licensed teachers or administrators who are either interested in the scope of this degree or are looking to pursue specific employment opportunities in the education domain.

An individual with this degree can explore employment opportunities in adult education programs, charter schools, private curriculum development companies, colleges or universities, schools, public policy organizations, state and federal education departments, and more. Major careers for instructional design degree graduates are instructional coordinator, curriculum administrator, syllabus designer, assessment specialist, program administrator, and faculty.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of instructional coordinators will grow 12.5% percent from 2012 to 2022. As schools become more results driven than ever before, the need of the hour will be on curriculum reevaluation, its constant monitoring and also improving teachers’ instructional effectiveness vis-à-vis the curriculum. The teacher will keep playing a pivotal role in improving students’ learning; this is the reason why curriculum and instruction experts will always be in demand. With learning institutes putting more stress on accountability measures, the job of a curriculum expert will keep gaining importance; which essentially means your career prospects with a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction are always bright.

Salary Expectation with Online Instructional Design Degree

Curriculum and Instruction designers earned a median annual salary of $63,070 in May 2013. The top ten percent earned more than $93,840, while the bottom ten percent drew wages less than $35,000. The median wages in elementary and secondary schools (state, local and private) were $67,640; median wages in educational support services (state, local and private) were $64,400; and college, universities and professional schools paid median wages of $58,130.

The salaries that you get will depend majorly on your experience, your existing qualification and your job location. There are some locations that offer higher salaries to teaching professionals as compared to others. Research such locations, find out which learning institutes have a position vacant for a curriculum and instruction specialist and apply for the same.

Future Trends in Instructional Design

The future of curriculum development will be more evaluation specific than before and the focus will be on ensuring the curriculum and the instructional methodologies adopted promote cognitive learning. Teachers will be asked to create a curriculum that gives stress to the individual learning style of a cross section of students. This will be done to ensure most students have a satisfying learning experience. Another aspect to consider in the future will be the digital delivery of curriculum and instructions. Designers will have to craft a curriculum that fits into a digital delivery framework and which leverages the latest technology to deliver learning instructions. The future is all about being sensitized to the needs of the students and creating a curriculum that they are best placed to appreciate, understand and learn from.

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