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Online Early Childhood Education Degree

Help Kids Get On the Right Path with an Early Childhood Education Online Degree

If you like to help children embark on a successful life in and out of a classroom, an online early childhood education degree gives you specialized skills necessary to make a real positive change in children's lives by creating a rock-solid groundwork of academic and social education.

Early childhood education requires many of the same skills as other teaching degrees, including how to create lesson plans and manage classrooms. However, it also requires the social skills necessary to teach very young children how to interact with adults and their peers.

In an online early childhood degree program, you will get comprehensive instruction in the theory and principles of managing and educating kids from newborn to age eight. You will learn how to effectively promote language and social skills, cultivate early reading and writing skills, and identify any learning disabilities and special needs in children.

Whether you are new to teaching or an expert educator interested in moving to a different area of the field, the skills you learn with an early childhood education online degree will help you move forward in your career and qualify you for gratifying opportunities in daycare, childcare center and preschools.

Unlike more traditionally structured education programs, an online early childhood education degree is not geographically tied to one area, allowing you to find the program that is best for you. It also allows you to take in classes and study on your own time.

Respected professors teach these courses, as well as established teachers and school administrators. These professionals in particular can provide practical guidance on real-world challenges.

An Online Early Childhood Education Degree Gives You Specialized Skills

All teachers need to learn the basics of education, including how to manage a classroom, instill discipline and inspire curiosity. Online early childhood education courses give you all of that, in addition to the important skills unique to the job of educating very young children.

As a preschool or kindergarten teacher, you will assist young children to learn in a fun environment using interesting and creative activities such as arts and crafts, music, storytelling, games, and role playing. You will be tasked with explaining sometimes-complex subjects to kids in a way they can understand. You’ll also need to teach very basic social skills, such as teamwork, discipline and kindness to others.

These skills are invaluable to children to ensure their progress both as students and human beings in a social setting. Early education can contribute significantly to how well a student does later on in life, whether it's school or work.

The curriculum focuses on topics such as child development and psychology, early childhood literacy, cultural diversity, learning assessment, instructional strategy, curriculum development, learning assessment and health and nutrition for young kids.

Job Growth in Early Childhood Education

An online early childhood degree could open the door to many exciting career paths, allowing you to inspire young minds and foster creativity.

You will play a vital role as preschool teacher, caregiver, or teacher assistant at public and private schools, day care centers, after-school programs, childcare centers, special education classes, and tutoring services.

The world is becoming an increasingly competitive place, and more parents are seeing the benefits of beginning the education and socialization of their children at a younger age. With this in mind, the growth projections for those who have taken online early childhood education courses are strong, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Over the next 10 years, the BLS projects solid growth numbers as below:

Preschool Teachers
Kindergarten Teachers

Salary Guidelines for Early Childhood Educators

Providing education and care for young children is an important job, and in many cases you are compensated very well for it. Kindergarten teachers can expect to earn more money than preschool teachers to reflect the differing complexity of the job. According to the BLS, average salaries for these professions nationwide are:

Preschool Teachers
Kindergarten Teachers

Shifts in Education will Change Early Childhood Education

With an influx of new technology, new information and new theories, the world of early childhood education is changing rapidly. For those interested in working in this field, it will be critically important to stay on the cutting edge of the latest techniques. Trends expected to affect this field include:

  • New understandings in how the human brain works and how children retain information will lead to new early education theories.
  • New technology provides new and interesting ways to make contact with and teach students.
  • An understanding of the value of education at a young age may increase enrollment in early education opportunities.
  • As the current generation of teachers retires, new jobs will become available for those interested in early childhood education.

An online early childhood education degree is extremely valuable to anyone interested in teaching children through some of their very first learning opportunities. Browse our listing of top early childhood degree and take a first step to pursue your dream in early childhood education.

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