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Accredited Online Economics Degree Programs

An Online Degree in Economics Can Help You Build a Rock-solid Career Foundation

Getting an online economics degree can help you get set for a variety of career paths. Studying economics will equip you with research, scientific modeling, and financial skills.

You will learn to take real world data and apply them to models that describe and predict the process of producing and exchanging goods and services in society.

Economists find positions within the government, NGOs, academia, research organizations, and the private sector. These roles range from pure research to policy advice to strategic planning.

Often economists can also find strong positions in consulting organizations that help companies and government agencies make predictions about future business and financial trends.

Get an Online Degree in Economics with the Same High Quality and Value as On Campus

As distance education has become more prevalent it's now possible to earn an online economics degree that carries the same weight and distinction as a degree earned in a traditional campus setting.

The best part is that you can get an online degree without having to disrupt your present career and lifestyle because you will have the freedom to do coursework whenever and wherever it fits into your schedule.

Ultimately, studying economics will let you bring together your curiosity about how economies and finance work with solid math and research skills - economics is a versatile degree that crosses many disciplines and will give you skills that are valued in both the public and private sector.

Pursuing an Economics Degree Online Can Jump Start Your Career

An online economics degree program can give you access to a satisfying career if you:

  • Like looking at both the big and small picture of how money, goods, and services change hands
  • Enjoy puzzling out human behavior and creating solutions to financial problems
  • Want a versatile degree that can be applied to many career paths
  • Want credentials that will let you work in both the government and private sectors
  • Enjoy using models to develop strategic plans
  • Want to do research at the post-graduate level
  • Like to work with math and statistics

Online Economics Programs Provide an In-Depth Understanding of Economics

In today's global business environment where vast sums of money change hands and affects millions of people, business and government rely on qualified economists to help guide policy and keep business moving forward.

In an online economics degree program, you will learn all of the competing and emerging theories of how economies develop, grow, and flower.

Many programs offer students specialization options, such as focusing on microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and labor economics, as well as many other subfields.

Economics is a more academic field than business, so you will learn theoretical approaches to concrete, real-world economic issues and how best practices can be implemented. After graduating from your economics degree online, your knowledge and skills will be in great demand.

Economics Careers Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Where you end up with an economics degree depends on your specialization. But with the financial sectors continuing to outpace other sectors, there is plenty of room in the market for new graduates.

Many economists find positions with the government in both strategic/advisory and administrative roles. But earning a degree by taking economics courses online will also put you on track for research positions and corporate positions as well.

The degree offers variety of careers in finance, business, investment, insurance, and education domain, and you can be considered for lucrative positions such as financial analyst, cost estimators, credit analyst, investment advisors, and financial examiner.

Some career options for economics degree holders, and promising job growth rates projected by 2020, are:

Cost Estimators
Financial Analysts
Budget Analysts
Credit Analysts
Financial Examiners

Salary Guidelines for Economics Degree Holders

Economics graduates are some of the highest earners straight out of college. Here are median salary levels for some lucrative careers in economics, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Financial Analysts
Financial Examiners
Budget Analysts
Credit Analysts
Cost Estimators

Future Trends in Economics Careers

Here are some future trends that emerging economics degree-holders need to pay attention to:

  • Increasing economic uncertainty, and increasing business costs
  • Older workers delaying retirement
  • Changes in global economic power
  • Jobs becoming more virtual

eDegreeSteps help you find an accredited college that offers online economics courses suited to your interests. Whether you want to get an online economics degree at a graduate or post-graduate level, you can search here the program that's right for you.

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