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Online Education Administration Degree

An Education Administration Degree Online Helps You Play a Leadership Role in Running an Education Institute Efficiently and Successfully

An online education administration degree prepares you with the practical skills and essential knowledge required to succeed in an immensely demanding management career as the administrator of institutions of learning.

As an educational administrator, your job will be to play a motivational and leadership role in educational institutes, managing administration and necessary support systems and activities that ensure the smooth functioning of an educational institute. You will work with various stakeholders to improve learning environments, meet educational standards and achieve academic goals in an ethical manner.

Online education administration programs provide you with all skill sets that will help you adapt to the changing and challenging administrative environment of an educational institute. You will develop the leadership, problem-solving and decision-making skills required to become an effective and forward-thinking administrator.

The program trains you in various subjects like business administration, school law, community relations, behavioral science, finance, conflict resolution and more. With an online education administration degree, you not only become a skilled manager and leader but also an inspiring educator.

The degree qualifies you to assume various rewarding positions in educational system such as dean, assistant dean, principal, assistant principal, chief academic officer, curriculum director, classroom instructors and more.

Online educational administration degree is perfectly suited for people who don't have the time to get a traditional degree, and prefer a more flexible option to update their technical expertise while continuing their own education careers.

Get the Benefit of a Comprehensive Online Educational Administration Degree Curriculum

Online education administration programs provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you fit into a variety of administrative openings in educational institutes. This degree extensively covers various courses that ensure you can handle your responsibilities with ease and confidence. Financial resource management, principles of supervision, principal roles and responsibilities, school policy and law, program evaluation, and special education law, are just some of the many courses covered by this degree.

You will learn how to motivate students and staff, how to create dynamic learning environments, how to resolved conflicts and problems, and how to make positive impact in the educational community.

The program also helps develop your data-driven decision making skills, analytical skills and instructional leadership. The idea is to give students an in-depth look into the administration and supervision of educational institutes like schools and colleges. You learn about their organizational structure, administrative processes and the various facets of their educational programming.

Career Path with Online Education Administration Degree

As far as career options in education administration is concerned, the sky is the limit. This degree will train you to improve the efficacy of the student's learning environment, collaborate with all stakeholders and provide the leadership needed to achieve goals and objectives determined by the educational policy.

You can start your career as an education administrator or shift to this career if you are interested in pursuing the various interesting and growth oriented opportunities provided by this career. For e.g. if you’re a teacher and want a career progression as a school principal, this online degree will help you achieve your goal.

An online master in education administration degree is required for most of administrative positions at primary and secondary schools, while doctorate or PhD degree qualifies you for more challenging roles at college level.

But, if you've dreams of becoming something more than a principal, you can even become a district-wide school administration specialist or a department director or explore instructional leadership opportunities that include curriculum development and assessment, education law, education policy, community relations and many more.

According to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in education administration jobs through 2020 is extremely promising:

Education Administrators, Preschool
Education Administrators, Secondary
Education Administrators, Postsecondary
Education Administrators, All Other

Salary Expectations for Education Administrators

Education administrators are generally well compensated for making real difference in the education world. The salaries vary to a certain extent and are dependent on the position, job location and experience.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports following annual mean salaries for education administrators in 2010:

Education Administrators, Preschool
Education Administrators, Secondary
Education Administrators, Postsecondary
Education Administrators, All Other

There is no doubt that a career as an education administrator is a high paying one and if you've decided to get yourself an online education degree, you've made the right decision.

Future Trends in Education Administration

The field of education administration will be impacted by the rapidly changing education environment that is being significantly influenced by global, economic and societal forces.

The use of innovative technology and the increasing dependency of students and educators on such technology is another trend that education administrators need to be aware about and make a part of their decision making process.

Something else that is becoming very important is the need for greater transparency, clarity and accountability with respect to various educational processes. The amount of public support and funding that a particular education institute/activity gets will be completely based on the quantifiable results delivered by education administrators. This will require greater accountability.

If you have a vision to improve educational standards for next generations, an online education administration degree can be the perfect launch-pad for you. eDegreeSteps offers you a great opportunity to explore various accredited online education administration program and set off on a successful career.

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