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Accredited Online Educational Leadership Degree

Become a Transformational Change Agent in the Field of Education with an Online Education Leadership Degree

If you are interested in a career in education administration, an online educational leadership degree gives you the essential skills to become a visionary and proficient leader who can modernizes educational organizations to address the complex challenges and upcoming trends of education.

To be an effective administrator, you need to know about both education theory and practice, but you will also need the administrative, negotiation and leadership skills. Online education leadership degree programs offer cutting-edge curriculum that includes topics such as school finance and budget, education law, teacher leadership, instruction and curriculum design, and staff development.

You will learn how to apply research-based best practices to create dynamic and superior school environment, incorporate technology to enhance learning experience, assess and improve instructional process, and implement motivational theories to promote development of students and teachers.

Online educational leadership degree also augments your analytical, critical thinking and decision-making abilities required to boost the performance and rank of educational organizations.

Online programs that teach education leadership are structured differently than more traditional programs. You can take classes at night or on the weekends to fit your busy schedule.

Classes are taught by professors with a solid grounding in administrative theory, as well as actual school administrators who have the practical experience to inform you on what does and does not work in a real-world setting.

What will You Learn with an Online Degree in Educational Leadership?

The most important job of education administrators is to ensure that schools are running smoothly, and take proactive measures to meet unforeseen crisis. As a leader of educational institute, you will have complete control of its day-to-day operations, finance and other vital resources.

An online education leadership degree gives you a solid grounding in education theory that will prepare you to effectively administer and lead complex educational organizations. The training also helps you truly understand what is going on in the classroom and school.

You'll also learn the important planning and assessment skills necessary to run a school. Administrators like principals are responsible for setting goals for the institution and helping teachers and students meet those goals. They also must analyze incoming data to evaluate the quality of education being delivered.

An educational leadership online degree can also help you learn how to motivate teachers to give their best, and how to effectively discipline children so that disruptive behavior can be managed and channeled constructively.

Career Path with Online Educational Leadership Degree

As far as career options in educational leadership and administration is concerned, the sky is the limit. This degree will prepare you for leadership roles such as - principal, vice principal, dean, district supervisor, department director, assistant superintendents and curriculum developer.

An online masters degree in educational leadership is required for most of management and leadership positions at primary and secondary schools, while doctorate or PhD degree qualifies you for more challenging roles at postsecondary level.

Although rates for these two areas differ, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts healthy growth through 2020.

Education Administrators, Preschool
Education Administrators, Secondary
Education Administrators, Postsecondary
Education Administrators, All Other

Salary Expectations for Education Leaders

Serving as the administrator of a school or school district is a tough job. You have to make sure you balance the needs of students, staff and the community effectively, all at a time of uncertainty as to budgets and state and federal education policy. The salaries paid to skilled administrators - especially those with masters degree in educational leadership - often reflect this.

According to the BLS, the following were the 2010 average salaries for education leadership positions:

Education Administrators, Preschool
Education Administrators, Secondary
Education Administrators, Postsecondary
Education Administrators, All Other

There is no doubt that a career as an education administrator is a high paying one and if you've decided to get yourself an online education degree, you've made the right decision.

What Trends are Expected to Impact Education Leadership in the Future?

We are living in a period of rapid change, and the field of education and administration is no exception. Shifts in technology, educational theory and federal and state policy are all likely to impact how schools operate in the coming years. An educational leadership online degree helps prepare you for many of these trends, including:

  • Technology is changing not just how we live and work, but also how we learn. Administrators will be among those who evaluate which types of education technologies are right for schools.
  • Discipline is changing in the wake of high-profile incidents of bullying, and administrators will have to develop plans for handling this new kind of schoolyard harassment.
  • There is much uncertainty when it comes to education funding across the country, and it will be the job of administrators to balance the needs of students and teachers with fiscal prudence.
  • Changes in state and federal laws on how children are to be educated will have to be explained and enforced.

An online degree in education leadership is a wise choice for anyone interested in the operational side of schools and districts. Whether you are just starting your career or are a professional educator who wants to move into an administrative role, an online educational leadership degree is a terrific first step.

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