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Online Elementary Education Degree Programs

An Elementary Education Online Degree Helps You Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Change Agent in Education Field

An online elementary education degree gives you vital teaching skills and qualifies you to play an important role in the lives of children taking their first tentative steps in education.

With an elementary education online degree, you are ready for a career that makes the world a better place. You will learn about various student engagement, motivation, and assessment techniques, and also gain expertise in specific core subject areas such as elementary level mathematics, science, english, history, and social studies.

Degree in elementary education is for people who display strong social and organization skills which make them good teachers. It refines your existing teaching skills and gives you the necessary knowledge to help you impart the best possible classroom learning to your students.

As an elementary school teacher you will teach students the essential academic skills and create strong foundation for advanced learning. You will design lesson plans, grade test papers and plan for various extra activities. You will also play a major role in assessing the learning abilities of students and helping them overcome their weaknesses.

Unlike more traditional education programs, online elementary education programs are more flexible and convenient, allowing you to take the classes whenever and wherever there is a computer and Internet access. This helps you to make schedule that works best for you and also simplify studying.

Whether you are looking for an online bachelor degree or master degree in elementary education, eDegreeSteps offers you a range of options to choose from, to help you maximize the professional benefits of an elementary teaching career.

Curriculum of an Elementary Education Online Degree

This degree helps you enter the elementary teaching workforce and make a mark in this career choice. The focus of the courseware is to help you become a qualified school teacher who makes a difference to a child's life through the sheer quality of your teaching efforts.

Typical course curriculum includes the study of a core subject like English, mathematics, science, social studies, general education, elementary teaching methodologies, behavioral psychology vis-à-vis learning, etc.

The responsibilities of an elementary school teacher are not limited to teaching alone. You also spend time preparing lessons, grading tests and also discussing children's academic progress with their parents. You essentially lead all discussions and activities that enable children to meet or exceed the Common Core Standards for College and Career Readiness.

A teacher acts as a motivator, influencer, and disciplinarian. Today's elementary school teachers are accountable for creating an environment that facilitates learning and challenges students to test their knowledge every step of the way, which also offers them an optimum learning experience.

A Successful Teaching Career with an Online Elementary Education Degree

Brighter job prospects await you, if you are armed with a degree in elementary education. A large number of elder teachers are reaching retirement age and also there is a sharp increase in the number of students enrolling in public and private elementary schools. This will result in new job opportunities for people with elementary education degrees under their belt.

Teachers who don't mind moving from one state to another in search for better employment opportunities will prosper and so will those who have licensure in more than one subject. The reason being there are certain parts of the US that are expected to witness more student enrollments than others, and you need to be where the growth is.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010, the employment of elementary school teachers is expected to grow by around 16.8% between 2010 and 2020. This means your career and growth in elementary education definitely looks promising.

Salary Expectations for Elementary Teachers

With an elementary teacher's degree in your hand, you are all set for a great career in teaching that offers respectable salary and other benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of elementary school teachers was $53,400 and the salary of the top ten percent was more than $83,160 in May 2010.

It's important to note that the salaries of public school teachers are set by state's board of education while private schools are completely autonomous and can set their own salary structure. Salaries can also vary based on the locale and also your qualification. For e.g., urban centers can pay higher salaries as compared to rural locations and a teacher with a master's degree can earn more than somebody with a bachelor's degree.

The Future of Elementary Teaching

Elementary education has witnessed some path breaking reforms which continue to this date. The focus is on using technological advances and improved knowledge about the learning psychology of children to improve a child's learning experience.

Digital delivery of knowledge is a trend that will have a tremendous impact on education and how students can access diverse and engaging sources of information. Elementary school teachers will also have to impart 21st century skills to students to make them world ready. The challenge for elementary school teachers is to keep up with all the latest developments vis-a-vis teaching methodologies and adapt them for the benefit of their students.

A career in elementary education is a wonderful choice if you want to make a difference in the field of education with your teaching skills. eDegreeSteps helps you get your hands on an online elementary education degree of choice, on your own time without sacrificing your existing job.

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