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Accredited Online English Degree

Indulge Your Passion for English Literature with a Flexible Online Degree in English

If you've always wanted to hold forth on English literature and do a bit of creative writing yourself, an online English degree is just what you want. This degree will help develop your writing, research and critical thinking skills, and there are plenty of employers out there, who're looking for just these skills.

An online degree in English is not just about studying literary classics. It also trains you to think creatively, understand diverse view points and conceptualize ground breaking ideas. You also learn how literature has influenced society and broaden your world view.

Apart from a coursework that emphasizes on English language, you will also study critical reasoning, research strategies, and forming your own ideas and opinions about the society at large and its functioning, through knowledge gleaned from the classics.

With an online master's degree in English, your job prospects are not limited to writing or teaching career alone. In fact, there are plenty of organizations that employ English language graduates to fill up a variety of vacancies. As a graduate of English degree, you can pursue career in business, law, politics, marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, and administration.

The Curriculum of Online English Degree

The online English literature degree programs are intended to offer you broad cultural literacy, in-depth knowledge of grammatical and stylistic conventions, effective writing skills, essential analytical thinking skills and strong research and reasoning skills.

The coursework of English literature degree includes a thorough understanding of American, British and Multi-Cultural Literature. The degree will also include understanding the working of the English language and its use, Principles of Grammar, Poetry, Plays, Creative Writing, Professional Writing and a lot more. The focus will also be on helping students express complex ideas for a specific audience and employing research tools for improving oral and written communication skills.

The study of the English language isn't just about creativity any more but also includes understanding and practically implementing the various technological tools that are needed for researching and coming up with writing that showcases a deep understanding of the language. Students also learn collaborative skills that can be put to good use in a research driven environment.

Career Path and Growth Prospects with Online English Degree

Whether you enroll for an undergraduate or graduate online degree in the English language, your coursework will help you get a better understanding of the world. It is a holistic humanities degree that throws open a range of job opportunities for you. You can be a copywriter in a media or advertising organization, an editor of a magazine or a newspaper, a PR specialist, a corporate communications expert, a freelance writer, a journalist, an educator or even a researcher.

The versatility of skills that you learn while pursuing their online degree in English ensures excellent career prospects. For e.g. teaching is the twelfth fastest growing profession in America, and by 2018 it will experience a 15% growth. An English degree is a passport to a great career as a teacher. Another industry that is witnessing high growth is advertising and media with internet media fuelling employment growth like never before. This is again a domain which sees English degree holders get lucrative job opportunities.

Salary Expectations with Online English Literature Degree

Salaries for English majors differ according to their jobs. An English teacher at school level can earn anything between $40,000 and $60,000 a year. The salary depends on experience, qualification, location of schools and nature of the school (public or private). The average salary of a copywriter is $57,000 and an editor can draw anything upwards of $50,000 depending on the reputation and popularity of the Magazine/Newspaper/Publication. You must keep adding to your qualification to improve your salary prospects.

Future Trends

The future looks very bright for the English language and degree holders in this language. With the arrival of new interactive systems of learning, English teachers will need to continuously reinvent themselves to ensure they're not redundant. The same goes for other professionals with this humanities degree in their hands. For e.g. a print journalist needs to utilize the best of internet technologies to get access to the information he/she needs. Mobility technology has opened the doors for new avenues that can be explored with respect to mobile media. As technology evolves, something that looks like it will never change is our reliance on the English language. The future definitely looks bright.

If you're somebody who wants to get an English degree, but don't have the time to take up a regular course, choosing from the flexible and convenient online English degrees available at eDegreeSteps will be the perfect option for a versatile career for you.

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