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Online Executive MBA Programs

Gain the Real-world, Practical Skills Required to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Online EMBA Program

Online executive MBA programs, also known as EMBA can help mid-level business managers to hone their managerial skills and problem-solving abilities and move up the corporate ladder with a promotion to upper management.

Or if you are an entrepreneur having growing business and could benefit from advanced management knowledge, an executive MBA online program may help you achieve your goals.

Unlike the traditional MBA programs, the executive MBA degree is generally geared for business professionals who are already well established in their careers, and want to learn advanced business skills that complement their experience and give them an authoritative leading edge.

The goal of this MBA program is to keep executives and managers prepared for constantly evolving business world by focusing on the big picture, taking proactive approach and creating innovative plan.

Online executive MBA programs are incredibly valuable for busy professionals because they allow you to work on your own schedule. You can take classes in the evenings and weekends while keeping a strong focus on your current professional responsibilities.

Many of these classes are taught by skilled management theorists and current or former executives, allowing you to learn important lessons that can only be gained from the practical experience of these professors.

Learn the Skills Needed to Manage Organizations Large and Small

The rapid technological advancement brings dramatic changes in the way business is conducted. As a result, managers and entrepreneurs have to learn new skills to adapt to the inevitable changes and stay ahead of the competitors. An executive MBA online program can prepare you for the challenges of executive management, regardless of the organization's size.

The curriculum heavily focuses on team building, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, strategic planning, and risk management to improve the business acumen and foster the creativity and innovation.

Online EMBA programs teach you how best to carry out department or company procedures and policies and how to attain organizational goals. They also help you ensure that financial and budgetary goals are met.

You will also learn how to manage people with the latest in negotiation and management theory. These skills will be helpful when negotiating contracts and agreements, appointing managers to head departments and consulting with other executives and employees about general operations.

Your Career Options with an Executive MBA Degree

An online executive MBA program can open the door to a number of different careers in top-tier management. Those with an executive MBA and relavant experience can find positions as chief corporate officers in a number of roles:

  • Chief financial officers: These executives are responsible for a company's financial reporting. They manage budgets and steer the direction of financial goals and initiatives.
  • Chief information officers: Executives with particular interest or skill in information technology can fill this role, managing a company's information technology and computer systems.
  • Chief operating officer: These executives have the most direct management of people, often overseeing various departments, including human resources and sales. They may also ensure that organizational guidelines and strategy are followed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Chief sustainability officer: Managers with an interest in the environment or energy policy can find work as sustainability officers, managing programs and policies designed to ensure an organization complies with state and federal environmental requirements.

These positions are expected to grow slower than average over the next 10 years and the competition is fierce, but the opportunities are still there. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the following growth rates for top business executives:

Chief Executives
Operations Managers
Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Financial Managers
Human Resources Managers

Career options are also available to executives who have a desire for public service, as mayors, governors and city and county administrators may all benefit from an online executive MBA.

Expected Salaries for Those with an Executive MBA are Impressive

Business executives tend to bring in six-figure salaries due to the expertise and experience they deliver to their leadership positions. According to the BLS, here is the median annual salary of top business executives (2010):

Chief Executives
Operations Managers
Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Financial Managers
Human Resources Managers

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a small business, the ability to manage the budget, navigate difficult contracts and inspire employees will be vital to the success of you and your business. Online executive MBA program helps you enhancing and sharpening these essential managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

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