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Online Finance Degree Programs

Online Business Finance Degrees Offer High Starting Salary With Excellent Growth Potential

Because business runs on finance, earning an accredited online finance degree can bring you rich rewards. That's why so many ambitious people like you choose distance learning finance degree, a choice that gives you more flexible educational options and career possibilities.

As a graduate of a finance program, you can expect to find jobs in corporations and banks in financial analysts and planning roles. Finance programs prepare students for more than financial tracking and reporting.

If you're a busy professional looking to enhance your career and earning potential, an online finance degree could be a good fit for you. You will get the same highly valued qualifications without leaving the job that you currently hold.

Online Degree in Finance Offer Same Rigorous Quality as Traditional Programs

The accredited online finance degrees give you the same knowledge and skills as programs at traditional universities but often cost much less in time and tuition. You will have access to the same quality professors and classes with the added flexibility of completing the work when and where you choose.

Additionally, taking a finance program online can help prepare you for professional certifications that can take your résumé up a notch and make you more employable.

Many programs will allow you to take specializations that will get you ready for Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Consultant, Certified Financial Planner, and Chartered Financial Analyst exams.

Are Online Finance Courses The Right Fit for You?

Pursuing online business finance degree is an excellent choice if you:

  • Enjoy developing financial projections and budget plans.
  • Have a broad interest in business careers.
  • Want to work with the big banks, investment firms or stock market.
  • Enjoy analyzing risk and choosing the best course of action.

Skills You Learn While Earning Finance Degree Online

In an online finance program, you will learn the financial management and planning skills that are vital to any company's growth and development. You will take courses in subjects including:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Debt Allocation/Management
  • Assets and Portfolio Management

Many finance degree programs focus on a particular aspect of finance, so you can choose the program that suits your skills and interests best. Online finance courses are available at all levels, from bachelor's to PhD.

Finance Careers Market Overview and Growth Prospects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the financial industry is growing at a rate of 23% - almost a full 10% faster than average. With the economic recovery beginning to get into full steam, growth will only increase.

According to research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career prospects for bachelor's and master's degree holders in finance are very promising. Here is a sampling of projected change in total occupations from 2010–2020:

Business and financial operations
Finance and insurance
Financial specialists
Financial analysts and advisors

Salary Guidelines for Finance Degree Holders

Here are median salary levels for some lucrative finance careers, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Securities and Commodity Exchanges
Financial Specialists
Financial Examiners
Financial Analysts
Budget Analysts

Future Trends in Finance Careers

Future trends in finance careers include:

  • Regulatory changes brought about by global political unrest, and the need to adapt to them
  • Increasing interconnection among emerging, fast-growing markets around the world
  • Demographic shifts, including changes in age and size of populations, as well as immigration and talent migration
  • Increasing power of more informed and discerning consumers

eDegreeSteps will help you find the full range of available online finance degree programs. Finance programs can be found at the associate, bachelor, and master levels. Browse our listings to find a finance program that will propel you to your career goals.

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