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Online Forensic Science Degrees

Use Science to Fight Crime and Bring Criminals to Justice with an Online Forensic Degree

If you have an interest in forensic science and law, an online forensic science degree puts you on the path to a career you love and at the same time allows you to do your part to solve crimes.

Forensic scientists collect, store and examine evidence to help police and prosecutors make connections between criminals and crime scenes. They analyze physical evidence found at the crime scene, prepare investigation reports and offer testimony in courts.

Online forensic degree programs prepare you with the sophisticated skills and knowledge required to conduct investigations from the crime spot to the courtroom. You will learn latest forensic techniques and procedures to perform DNA analysis, match fingerprints, verify firearms and weapon, and examine bodily fluids.

Forensic science degree online program also helps you to develop strong analytical and logical reasoning skills, allowing you to accurately evaluate evidence and draw logical conclusions based on various investigations.

Interest in forensic science is high right now, and many accredited colleges offer online forensic science degree programs at associate, bachelor, master and doctorate level for those interested in entering the field.

These online forensic degree programs allow you to study from comfort of your home and on your own schedule, without having to sacrifice your existing job. The process is challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. You'll know that you are working to make the world a better and safer place.

What You Should Bring to Table to Become a Successful Forensic Scientist?

Aspiring forensic experts must have passion for forensic science, criminal investigation and law. Additionally, they should also possess some of the following soft skills…

  • Excellent research and fact-finding skills
  • Good analytical and logical reasoning skills
  • Exceptional critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Excellent observation skills and ability to pay attention to detail
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

What Will You Study in an Online Forensic Science Degree Program?

Online forensic programs include a grounding in biology, chemistry and physics that prepares you for the rigors of lab work. You will study some or all of the following subjects depending on the degree program you decide to enroll.

  • Principle of Forensic Science
  • Forensic DNA Analysis
  • Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime and Security
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Forensic Drug Chemistry
  • Serology
  • Crime Scene Investigation

You'll also learn proper legal procedure for gathering, handling and evaluating evidence, both in the field and in the lab. The coursework also teach you how to operate various lab instruments, how to reconstruct crime scene, and how to capture crime scene and evidence in photographs.

In addition to the science-based skills, you'll also need to speak and write clearly and present your reasoning in a way a judge and jury can understand. The reports they write must stand up to intense legal scrutiny from both prosecutors and defense attorney in court.

Most forensic science degree online programs help you get an internship within an established forensic science lab. This is the traditional means of completing your education—working under a more experienced technician who teaches you proper procedures.

Forensic Science Jobs and Career Outlook

As technology improves and the process of investigating and solving crimes becomes more technical, there will be an increasing need for trained professionals to work in forensic labs and at crime scenes to collect and evaluate evidence.

Online forensic science degrees offer lucrative job opportunities as crime scene investigator, forensic science technician, forensic science toxicologist, and forensic computer expert. Advanced degrees in forensic science can also lead to prestigious careers in research and academia.

The potential workplaces include state and federal agencies, crime labs, forensic labs, toxicology labs and research institutes.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the following growth rates over the next decade:

Forensic science technicians
Detectives and Criminal Investigators

The job market is strong in this field, but there is also a lot of interest in forensic science right now. Competition is expected to be strong over the next several years, which is why an online forensic degree can be valuable to finding a job.

Forensic Science Professionals Salaries

Pay for forensic expert positions are often quite good, and can be even higher in large cities and other high-crime areas where there is more demand. The following are what professionals in the field made in 2010, according to the BLS:

Forensic science technicians
Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Trends in Forensic Science

Forensic science is an exciting field to get into, with increased financial incentives for private investigators. The following are some of the current trends, changing the face of forensic investigation:

  • With the advent of new technologies in forensic IT, biometrics, and DNA analysis, the cost of forensic investigation has reduced dramatically while productivity has increased manifolds.
  • Digital forensic has opened an entirely new branch of investigation as computer forensic experts explore digital traces on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to solve white-collar criminal cases.
  • Mounting complexity in forensic science and constant changes in technology signify rising need for suitable training to keep forensic professionals up-to-date on latest trends.

If you fit the mold of a forensic scientist and have a passion for law and order, consider an accredited online forensic science degree from a top university and be on your way to scintillating career in forensic and crime investigation.

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