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Online Health Information Technology Degree

An Online Health Informatics Degree Offers Unlimited Career Potential in Hot Healthcare Sector

Technology is dramatically changing the face of healthcare and an online health information technology degree can position you at the crux of hot and growing career in health information management.

Online health informatics degree programs offer industry-current curriculum that blend concepts in healthcare and information technology to provide you with the technical skills and healthcare knowledge you need to successfully design, implement and manage health information systems.

As a health IT specialist, you will use the latest tools and techniques to derive and manage medical records, improving efficiency and reducing costs of healthcare operations. You will be in charge to collect, analyze, store, and maintain confidential health data, preserving the privacy and integrity.

Health information technology professionals occupy a unique position in the healthcare industry and work in hospitals, physician offices, outpatient care centers, insurance companies and government agencies. Your online health information technology degree could also be a portal to the more specialized, research-based field of health information management.

The real-world skills and specialized training you gain in an online health information management degree will allow you to demand top salaries and benefits as you guide health care facilities provide superior services at lower cost. eDegreeSteps can help you find the ideal accredited online health information technology degree program for your unique educational and career goals.

Online Health Information Technology Degree Programs Offer Diverse Studies

Traditionally, highly private and valuable medical records were kept on yellowed folders in dusty filing cabinets. Today, most hospitals and medical institutions are going digital, moving all their medical records to computer files.

For a successful career as a health IT expert, you will need expertise in information technology as well as a deep understating of medical procedures and terminology. These divergent fields require unique skill sets that open the door to solid career opportunities.

As a student preparing for an online health information technology degree, you will learn the latest concepts of information technology used to collect, store and retrieve medical data according to existing legal and information security guidelines.

You will also learn how to use technology to analyze and monitor patient records, verify the accuracy and integrity of health data, apply coding diagnoses and procedures for reimbursement and billing.

An online health informatics degree offers you career-focused curriculum. You will study medical billing and coding, medical technology and terminology, anatomy and physiology, computer systems and security, database management, database design, information systems analysis, healthcare insurance, reimbursement methodologies and legal and regulatory issues in healthcare.

Many students in online health information technology degree programs enhance their online studies with internships in the industry. These vital programs provide practical, hands-on training to round out your online instruction.

Though certification is not mandatory for health information technicians, many students prepare to take the Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT) certification exam, which qualifies them for most entry-level positions in this dynamic field.

A Wealth of Career Opportunities Awaits Your Online Health Informatics Degree

The US government, in a provision of the Affordable Care Act, has mandated that all medical records be digitalized within the next decade. This new law is a boon for health information technology professionals. You online health information technology degree will prepare you for a wide range of career positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies, law and insurance firms and research institutions.

Professional health information technicians work in diverse settings and have many job titles and focuses, including:

  • Medical coding specialists
  • Medical records supervisors
  • Health data analysts
  • Healthcare policy specialists
  • Healthcare IT managers
  • Health information analysts

Your well-earned skills will be in great demand in coming years as more health records become digitalized. An online health information technology degree is truly a promising stepping stone to an exciting career.

Health Information Technology Job Growth Prospects

In the Age of Information, the field of health information technology is moving fast. Health IT managers and specialists work in top hospitals and private practices all over America, and some rise to top executive positions.

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that careers in health IT are growing faster than other occupations through 2020:

Health Information Technicians

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Health Information Technology

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, health information technicians and managers earn above-average salaries. In 2010, average salaries for professionals in this field were as follows, while top 10% earned more than $56,200.

Health Information Technicians

Future Trends in Health Information Technology

Like all fields of information technology, trends come and go quickly in health IT. And like its tech cousins, health IT is experiencing a mobility trend. More industry professionals like doctors and nurses, as well as scores of patients from all walks of life, are demanding mobile health applications. Everything from apps that measure blood pressure to apps that analyze research data are in demand.

New interactive software is making preventive medicine easier to apply, and health information technicians are rushing to meet the demand for new and better patient interaction with their health care.

On the other hand, health information technicians are targeted themselves by scores of vendors selling more than 600 electronic health records (EHR) systems, all designed to meet the rush to digitize medical records.

An online health information technology degree positions you at the crossroad of two exciting fields: health care and technology. Let eDegreeSteps help you find accredited health information technology programs to launch your flourishing career in health care field.

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