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Online Healthcare Administration Degree

Play a Decisive Role in Improving Health Care Operations with an Online Health Care Administration Degree

An online healthcare administration degree gives you specialized skills and real-world knowledge to take on leadership positions in a wide range of healthcare settings. With the increased focus on preventative care, the demand for health service manager is on the rise and this degree enables you get your dream job in the lucrative healthcare sector.

With this degree in your hands, you become a change agent who plays a crucial role in improving the delivery of health care and wellness services. You will work closely with patients, communities and professionals to create and implement health care administration strategies to improve organizational performance and reduce operational cost.

An online healthcare administration degree explores various subjects like health administration, regulation, health care planning, health policy, financing and gives you a ringside view of the US health care system. You will also study the social, political, legal, and economic factors that will have an impact on health care administration.

This degree trains you to take up an administrative, management or executive positions in different health-related organizations. The diverse skill sets you gain in an online health care administration degree prepare you for assuming diverse roles in the rewarding and challenging health care environment.

If you are a detail-oriented go-getter, an online health administration degree is a suitable option for you. It gives you more control over when and where you study, provided you have trustworthy Internet access. With the convenience and flexibility of online healthcare administration programs, you can combine your passion and curiosity to learn how principles of business and management help in running healthcare units efficiently.

Online Healthcare Administration Programs offer best of Healthcare and Business World

From streamlining processes to protecting security of patient records to scheduling employees and planning budgets, healthcare administrators oversee numerous operations of healthcare facility. An online healthcare administration degree prepares you to perform these tasks effectively and capably, minimizing the cost and improving the quality of healthcare service.

You will develop critical problem-solving, decision-making and analytical skills required to succeed in this demanding role. The program also offers you soft skills training that will help you manage interpersonal relationships at the workplace more efficiently.

A typical online degree in health care administration emphasizes on subject areas like healthcare human resource management, healthcare systems, healthcare law and ethics, financial management in health care, and leadership in health services organizations. Apart from a coursework that focuses on health care, the degree also has courses like the foundation of financial accounting, budget planning, management, business statistics, sociology, and organizational behavior.

The coursework gives you an in-depth understanding of financial skills, organization awareness, process management, and performance measurement, where each subject matter is seen through the prism of the challenges experienced by the health care industry. At the end of this program, you will be well qualified in the various intrinsic aspects of health care administration and can play a crucial role in organizational transformation through informed and agile decision making.

Career Path with an Online Healthcare Administration Degree

This degree throws open the doors for a successful career in the health care industry. With this degree you are qualified to apply for administration and management openings in hospitals, health care insurance, clinics, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and doctor's offices. You can be a chief executive officer, health care consultant, health services manager, hospital administrator, government relations director, nurse manager or a hospital program. The options are virtually limitless.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, health sector jobs are projected to increase to 18.3 million by 2020, creating 4 million new jobs between 2010 and 2020. A large share of job increase will be in the healthcare administration category with projected growth of 22.4% from 2010 to 2020. This means an online healthcare administration degree is your ticket to a career with excellent growth opportunities.

Salary Expectations for Careers in Healthcare Administration

The Bureau of Labor Statistics put the median salary of health care administrators in May 2010 at $84,270. The people at the bottom end of the salary scales earned less than $51,280 and the top ten percent earned more than $144,880.

Your salary will vary depending on your job profile and the size and type of facility you're working for. According to the Medical Group Management Association, if you're working for a medical practice that has six or lesser physicians, the median salary will be $86,459, but if the number of physicians in your place of work ranges from 7-25, the median compensation will be $115,000.

Future Trends in Health Care Administration

New technologies and shifting demographics are changing health care administration in many different ways. Trends like medical homes, mobile health care, social networking, accountable care and many others are impacting health care today as far as delivery systems, work force management and hospital administration is concerned.

As a health care professional of the future, you will need to take note of these transformations and identify future challenges to your work environment because of these trends. This means you will also have to adopt the various competencies needed to manage these inevitable challenges to ensure they have no detrimental impact on the administration of healthcare facility.

Health care is a hot field in terms of job growth and projected salary. At eDegreeSteps, you can find top accredited online healthcare administration degree that helps you play a stellar role in medical and health service management.

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