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Online Healthcare Management Degree

An Accredited Online Health Care Management Degree Qualifies You for Top Positions in a Recession-proof Field

An online healthcare management degree can advance your healthcare career to the next level and qualify you for administrative positions across the broad spectrum of rapidly evolving and expanding healthcare industry.

Online health management degree programs are specifically designed to provide students with the essential business expertise and healthcare specific education to solve strategic and operational issues pertaining to the healthcare field.

In addition to medical terminology and hospital procedures, you will gain vital understanding of planning and scheduling, budgeting, organizational communication, healthcare laws, and federal regulations allowing you to improve the over-all quality of healthcare systems.

Healthcare Management Degree Programs With an online health care management degree, you can excel in a wide variety of healthcare professions. From health service manager to hospital administrator, the opportunities are virtually endless and the rewards unparalleled.

Studying healthcare management is ideal for career-minded leaders looking for a flexible degree that can be applied to many healthcare careers. If you have passion to make a real difference in healthcare, an online healthcare management degree could be ideal for you.

To help you learn more about how an online health care management degree can further your career goals, eDegreeSteps offers this brief primer.

What Will You Learn While Earning Your Online Healthcare Management Degree?

Online health care management degree prepares you for behind the scene administrative roles where you can use your skills in disciplined running of healthcare unit, minimizing the cost and maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of the healthcare system.

The depth of your learning and the career value of your online healthcare administration degree will depend greatly on the level of degree you aim for.

At the associate's level, you will master the basics of health management that will qualify you for entry-level position such as medical assistant in a variety of healthcare settings.

The bachelor and masters degree in healthcare management qualifies you for higher-paying executive positions. You will study healthcare informatics, healthcare delivery systems, clinical systems management, healthcare planning and policy, applied laws, ethics, finance, marketing, human resources, organizational communication, and project management. You can specialize in administration, technical support or other management areas.

Many accredited online colleges offer accelerated graduate programs, including MBA in healthcare management. Finally, earning a doctorate in healthcare management requires extensive research and study, but offers more rewarding career options as top researchers and administrators at hospitals, clinics, and universities. Overall, only your ambition sets the limit of what you can do with an online healthcare management degree.

Your Online Health Care Management Degree Gives You Wide Open Career Possibilities

An online health management degree is the fastest, most affordable way to build a solid foundation for a stellar healthcare career.

Many healthcare professionals began their education with a degree in healthcare management and administration, giving their career prospects a big boost. Because the study of healthcare management involves so many aspects of the industry, it gives students a variety of options as their education and training progresses.

And because you can earn online healthcare management degrees at many academic levels, you can always return to school to add to your previous degree or prepare for the next stage of your career.

People with degrees in healthcare management and administration have gone on to forge lucrative careers in many healthcare-related sectors:

  • Hospital administration
  • Health insurance administration
  • Healthcare education
  • Healthcare HR management
  • Medical records administration
  • Allied Health management
  • Health informatics

Healthcare Management Market Overview and Growth Prospects

The healthcare industry is undergoing a revolution in the way people access healthcare services, causing a high demand for qualified healthcare managers and administrators. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare management careers are expected to grow faster than other occupations through 2020:

Medical and Health Service Managers
Medical Assitants

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Healthcare Management

Healthcare managers and administrators are responsible for the smooth delivery of life-saving health care, and as such are among the best compensated in the industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, average annual salary for healthcare managers in 2010 was:

Medical and Health Service Managers
Medical Assitants

Trends in Healthcare Management and Administration

Changes in demographics, economics, and politics will have a dramatic effect on the way people receive health care in the next decade. Reforms to the private and public health insurance industries brought about by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 are already producing new challenges for healthcare administrators.

  • The rising cost of health care continues to be a primary concern, and healthcare managers are under more pressure to cut expenses and increase efficiency. Healthcare managers must adjust long-established models to meet these new priorities.
  • As more Baby Boomers retire, there will be increased demands for medical treatment and facilities — and the people who can run the business side of healthcare systems.
  • Outsourcing is another emerging trend in healthcare management as more facilities rely on referrals and even medical tourism. In short, the healthcare industry is reinventing itself more frequently and drastically than ever.

Health care is an industry in transition, and the demand for qualified healthcare managers is great. Use eDegreeSteps to find the best accredited online healthcare management degree programs.

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