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Accredited Online History Degree

History Degree Online Program Satisfies Your Fascination for the Past and Prepares you for the Future

If you love exploring diversity of people, places and periods, and want to make a career out of it, you need to get an online history degree. The degree gives you deep insight into the fascinating historical events, diverse cultures and prominent people that influence today's modern society.

History degree online programs improve your knowledge of different periods of history. The topics that you encounter through the history degree program include ancient civilizations, politics, social relations, wars, and religions seen through the prism of the past.

In your online history program, you will gain comprehensive understanding of links between ancient civilization and modern world. You will learn how the historic events relate to each other and how they influence the present societies. The degree also focuses on improving your critical thinking, reasoning, research and writing skills which are prized by many employers.

Additionally, you can choose your own concentrations and ensure they're aligned with your own interests. Whether you have an online bachelor's degree in history or an online history master's degree, you can pursue diverse career options in education, public service, information and archives, and journalism amongst various others. Your acceptability for a particular position is dependent on the specialization you’ve chosen.

What you will Study in Online History Degree?

As a History Major, you will have courses that will improve your knowledge of the History of the Modern World, History of the Ancient Civilizations like Rome and Greece, European History, American History, Military History, History of Society and Culture, Rise and Fall of Great Powers, Revolutions, and many more. Whether you are enrolling for an undergraduate or a graduate program, coursework will also include subjects that will polish your oral and written communication, research skills, and critical thinking abilities and also give you an overview of information and communication technologies.

In your history degree online, you will get an idea of social development through various historical events. You will also learn how to read and analyze historical creations, how to interpret historical events, and how to effectively express historical findings in written.

Career Opportunities with Online History Degree

People have this misconception that a history degree only opens the doors to teaching jobs. While teaching positions abound for history graduates, they can also explore other interesting career opportunities as well. You can become a researcher for museums and other historical organizations; play an important role in historical preservation; or join historical think tanks.

You also have the skill sets that will help you take up position of a journalist, writer, or even a documentary editor. Other positions that you can apply for are a museum or gallery curator, an archivist, or a librarian. Even major corporations believe historians are an ideal fit to handle various positions in the organizational hierarchy. The world is an oyster with a history degree online.

It's important to understand that an online history master's degree can throw more jobs your way as compared to an online bachelor's degree in history. So, it's always a great idea to get the highest qualification possible to target the more lucrative and exciting job opportunities in a particular field.

Salary Expectations with History Degree Online

Salaries with a history degree depend on your job. The salary for a museum curator in the United States is around $52,000 while an archivist can earn $44,518 and more, depending on the experience and the organization he/she is working with. Average faculty salaries for a history professor across colleges in the United States are $82,202, while an assistant professor will earn a little less. As is the case with every profession, it's your experience, expertise and qualification that will determine the kind of salary you earn. However, with a history degree online, you’re assured of a career that will keep delivering the kind of professional growth you always hoped to achieve.

Future Trends

Technology will make historical sources even more accessible. Already, many of the historical texts have been digitized for easier consumption. But, this will put more pressure on historians to ensure they've comprehensive knowledge about their subjects and it is as accurate as possible. Teachers can make use of various digital tools to make learning history and critical thinking a more interactive process. With the way things are progressing, it will definitely get interesting for people who want to make a career out of history.

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