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Online Holistic Health Degree

Your Online Holistic Degree Prepares You for an Exciting Career in Alternative Medicine

If you're ready for a fascinating career helping people heal through alternative medicine, an online holistic health degree is the educational path for you. Holistic health care offers patients alternatives to expensive, detrimental and aggressive modern medical practices.

With a focus on prevention rather than treatment, holistic health approach improves the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the people. It considers internal and external causes of the illness and uses multidimensional treatment to cure the people and teach them how to live healthy and happy lives.

More and more people are embracing the alternative remedial approach and looking at the benefits of natural health practices. Your online holistic degree prepares you to use a variety of healing methods, from ancient Asian practices like acupuncture to modern dietary and lifestyle practices.

And many popular distance learning colleges offer online holistic health degrees at a variety of academic levels. Online education is more affordable than traditional educational programs, and you can earn your degree at your own pace and from the comfort of home.

As preventative medicine has become one of the buzzwords of the healthcare industry, more online programs are becoming available. As your objective guide to online programs, eDegreeSteps can help you find the perfect online holistic degree for you.

Online Holistic Health Degree Programs Attract Compassionate Healers

In the past, holistic and alternative medicine was considered something of a joke to mainstream healthcare professionals and much of the public. But as the effects of diet and lifestyle on health have become clearer, alternative medicine has gained respectability. Even some traditional doctors are now using holistic methods in treatment of their patients.

As a holistic health professional, you will work directly with people to help them optimize their lifestyle choices for better health and longevity. Holistic health care takes into account the whole person, not just the disease or illness, and seeks to prevent future recurrences.

People thinking of careers in holistic and alternative medicine are caring and compassionate, always looking for the best solution for long term results with the patients' complete well-being in mind. Some holistic students specialize in one or more forms of holistic medicine, while others take a whole scale approach and learn about many divergent practices.

Online Holistic Health Degrees Cover the Major Alternative Medicines

Accredited online colleges and universities that offer holistic health programs typically offer degrees at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels. The higher standards of accredited colleges provide students with a big advantage over traditional holistic educational programs, which often offer only a certificate in one area of alternative medicine.

But holistic medicine includes such practices as homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, aromatherapy, meditation, herbal therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and many others. These highly specialized fields of study often require years of practice. The online classroom seeks to provide students with as much information and instruction as possible in a shorter period of time.

Many online programs vary greatly in the curriculums offered. In your online holistic degree program, depending on the program, you will study some or all of the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Herbology
  • Cancer prevention
  • Bioethics
  • Chinese medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Physiology
  • Massage therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Naturopathy

Although you can expect to take some residency courses to obtain valuable hands-on experience, you can complete most of your course work from home. After completing your degree, you will be qualified to practice alternative medicine.

Holistic Health Career Overview and Growth Prospects

Graduates of the holistic health degree program pursue variety of health-related careers such as acupuncturist, herbal therapist, massage therapist, naturopathic and lifestyle counselor, holistic health instructor, and fitness and yoga trainer.

As people seek alternative methods of health care and prevention, the field of holistic medicine is growing faster than many other professions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that careers in related areas are among the fastest growing occupations through 2020.

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Holistic Health

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, holistic health professionals earn a wide range of salaries, depending on education, training, experience, specialization and geographic location. Many self-employed professionals earn attractive income compared to salaried experts in the field. In 2010, average salaries for professionals in this field were as follows:

Massage Therapists
Yoga and Fitness Trainer
Holistic Nutritionist

Future Trends in Holistic Health

According to US government statistics, more than 40% of American adults sought holistic health services in 2012, suggesting a growing demand for alternative medicine. This trend is driven in part by a distrust of treat-the-disease medical practices and the pharmaceutical industry in particular.

Although women are more likely to choose alternative health care, more men are discovering the benefits as well. And while traditionally people in Western states are more likely to seek holistic therapies, people from all over the country are turning to alternative medicine in increasing numbers, including people with advanced college degrees.

These trends bode well for people in online holistic health degree programs, as your career prospects are very good. eDegreeSteps can help you find accredited holistic health degree programs that best suit your goals.

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