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Online Information Systems Degree Programs

Polish Your Technical Expertise and Business Nitty-gritty with an Online Computer Information Systems Degree

An accredited online information systems degree can transform your IT career significantly. If you're interested in an exciting career in the front lines of business and technology, pursuing an information systems management degree may be the key to your success.

Qualified information systems specialists are in high demand because businesses of all sizes and kinds rely on fast, secure, and accurate information systems to rationalize their operations and reduce ineptitude.

Your role as information systems professional is to analyze and evaluate information processing needs of your organization and design and build the technological infrastructure, working with company personnel at all levels to ensure maximum efficiency.

An online management information systems degree provide you with vital technical and business skills you need to analyze requirements of your organization and develop solutions using wide spectrum of technologies.

Today's distance-learning revolution is making earning your information systems degree online more convenient than ever, and eDegreeSteps offers this objective guide on what you might expect in this field.

Who Should Enroll in an Online Information Systems Degree Program?

Earning an online information systems management degree is ideal for people who are too busy earning a living to drop everything and attend traditional college classes. Studying online means using your own workstation at home and at your own pace.

The distance-learning environment is also perfect for information technology studies because you will be using much of the same technology to learn that you will use in the business world.

Additionally, you can earn an information systems degree online at a wide range of levels, from associates to postgraduate degree.

If you're a good independent professional who is comfortable using technology to communicate, studying management information systems online may be your best educational bet.

What Will You Study in an Online Information Systems Management Degree Program?

Information systems specialists have to apply technology skills and business principles to design and implement large-scale information systems. As a result, online management information systems degree programs offer best of both worlds.

Most online information systems degree programs focus on analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and enhancement of across-the-board, cutting-edge information systems.

The course load you will encounter in an online information systems degree program will vary widely depending on the level you are aiming for. Associate's degree program will be limited to the basic essentials and preliminary courses in business and computer technology.

In online bachelor's and master's programs, you will be required to study a full complement of college-level courses, including several core subjects like math, english, statistics, and communication.

But your major courses will cover in detail the theory and practice of designing and implementing a computer information system, the latest security protocols, design principles, software and hardware management, computer programming, computer science, database management systems, operating systems, and much more.

From the business perspective, the curriculum includes courses such as accounting, marketing, management, economics, financial management, operations management and business law.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Career Outlook and Growth Prospects

Information systems managers are expected to be in hot demand the next few years. Information systems specialists work in large number of public and private organizations in capacity of Information Systems Manager, Business Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, and Network Administrator.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in this field is expected to grow faster than other occupations through 2020:

Information Systems Managers
Computer Systems Analysts
Database Administrator
Systems and Networks Administrator

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Information Systems Management

Jobs in high demand, such as information systems managers, can fetch higher salaries and benefits. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for people holding a degree in information systems management in 2010 was:

Information Systems Managers
Computer Systems Analysts
Database Administrator
Systems and Networks Administrator

Future Trends in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Like all tech fields, management information systems is an ever-evolving field, with new developments and innovations continually changing the way information systems managers will do their jobs in the coming years. Here are few trends in the field of management information systems that are creating buzz:

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) is changing the way companies network with each other for business, allowing manufacturers to shorten supply chains and purchase raw materials from suppliers with efficient information transfer and secure payment.
  • More sophisticated and modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications allow companies to better collect and analyze company information across all the departments and help in decision making and plan for future growth.
  • Companies can use data mining tools to gather crucial data on consumer behavior, allowing them to know their customers better and accurately forecast future consumer markets and other economic trends.

In an online information systems degree program, you will master every aspect of managing information systems for business and industry. Let eDegreeSteps guide you to the best online management information systems degree programs.

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