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Online Instructional Technology Degree

An Online Education Technology Degree Help You Disseminate and Facilitate the Use of Innovative Technology to Improve the Learning Environment

The online instructional technology degree is for technology buffs with a passion for using modern technology to empower educators and learners. The online route is perfect for people who're looking to contribute at various levels in the field of education but don't have the time to get a degree from a brick and mortar university.

As a professional with expertise in instructional technology, you will be tasked with designing, developing, managing, evaluating and improving the performance of the various technology processes and resources that will help facilitate a superior learning experience.

An online educational technology degree gives you vital skills and practical experience needed to bring technology into the classroom and curriculum. You will learn how to develop interactive learning resources and effectively planned instruction using internet and information technology. Courses will improve your proficiency in multimedia production, alternative instruction, emerging digital technologies and instructional design and technology.

Students enrolling for online instructional technology degree will be trained to take up positions that allow them to effectively utilize technology to enhance learners' participation and facilitate optimum learning. It will not only train you in the application of technology in education but also help you assist other teachers in their bid to use technology to support student learning.

Instructional technology degree online programs are perfect fit for education technology learning, offering you firsthand experience of how internet, multimedia and digital technologies are used to develop and deliver the well-structured course content online. Moreover, qualified professors and educators share best practice of how to lucratively incorporate technology into education and training.

Extensive Coursework of the Online educational Technology Degree Makes You the Ideal Technology Facilitator

The aim of the education technology degree is to offer a holistic view of learning technologies and how they can best be implemented to improve the academic environment for students as well as teachers.

The degree delivers comprehensive learning with a curriculum that covers every course needed to help you become an education technology specialist. Courses include, but are not limited to, introduction to instructional technology, use of multimedia in classrooms, instructional design, strategies for online learning, data analysis, and emerging digital technologies. Electives can include technology planning, cultural diversity and technology and others.

The focus of this degree program is also on improving the collaborative leadership skills of students and improving their design perspective, as well as, their digital media skill sets. The core objective of this program is to make you academically and technically proficient and create a tangible difference to the field of education with effective use of technology.

A Bright Career Path with an Online Instructional Technology Degree

A large number of career opportunities are waiting for you upon the successful completion of this degree. America is home to some of the top school systems in the world and they need technically skilled professionals who are well aware of the latest technologies and interactive tools needed to further improve academic experience.

You can look for job opportunities as a technology specialist at the school or district level. There are also technology positions available at the university levels, if you are interested in joining institutes of higher learning. Federal and state governments, businesses and non-profit organizations are also looking for educational technologists to develop effective corporate education and training programs for their employees. The opportunities for growth are many and varied with an educational technology degree in your hands.

More importantly, with the constant and progressive evolution of technology, it is playing a major role in how students are accessing learning resources and making learning a more interactive and immersive experience for them. This means, your qualification will see you keep playing a decisive role in shaping the minds of future generation of learners.

Salary Expectation for Careers in Education Technology

The salaries for instructional technologists varies across the board and is dependent on where you are working (school, college, private organization, NGO), location of the job (rural or urban centers), skill sets and experience.

According to Salary.com, the median wage that instruction technologists can expect is $52,409 and the top ten percent earn in excess of $68,609. As is to be expected, the salaries will keep improving as you keep gaining experience and you start taking up positions of greater responsibility.

Shifts in Digital Technology will Change Instructional Technology

Technology is already playing a proactive role in how students are consuming education. In the years to come, it will keep playing a bigger role in determining how students experience the joy of learning. Adaptive computer based learning, learning simulations, game based learning, education apps are just some of the technology trends already making their presence felt.

In the near future, you will increasingly rely on custom multimedia content, and open source learning models to deliver classroom learning. As a specialist in educational technology, you need to be adapting to these changes and espouse them for the benefit of learners and educators.

Educational technology degree is tailor made for people who want to become important stakeholders in the field of education and looking for an opportunity to make an effective contribution. At eDegreeSteps, you can find top accredited online instructional technology degree programs to help land your dream job.

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