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Accredited Online IT Degree Programs

An Online Information Technology Degree Lets You Unlock the Door of Lucrative, High-status Tech Career

An online IT degree prepares you for the unforeseen challenges in the world of information technology, computing and internet security.

Do all your colleagues and friends ask for your help to fix their puzzling bugs? Are you interested in a career that will reward your technical skills for a lifetime of success? If you answered yes to these questions, an accredited online information technology degree may be your best educational plan.

Today, from business to entertainment to personal communication and everything in between, information technology dominates our lives, and skilled IT professionals are in great demand everywhere.

Earning an online technology degree is ideal for tech savvy people like you. Studying online appeals to ambitious, independent people who don't have time to put their lives and careers on hold while earning a degree at a traditional college.

Getting your information technology degree online is a natural fit, and eDegreeSteps is your comprehensive source for objective information about the many accredited online IT degree programs you can take entirely online.

Online IT Degree Programs Hone Your Technological and Problem-Solving Skills

When you study information technology in an online college program, you will study a broad range of computer technology, from software development to project management to the latest computer science theories.

You will learn important concepts and latest trends in software design and development, application design, information systems management, information and network security, web development, project management, cloud computing, database design, design patterns, data warehouse and animation.

Online information technology degree programs also reinforce your analytical skills, problem solving abilities, innovative thinking capabilities as well as communication skills.

Like all online college programs, online technology degree programs have the same high academic standards as traditional college courses. You will discover insights from top professors in the IT field and meet interesting and energetic colleagues who will inspire you and push you to achieve your maximum potential.

Whatever your IT specialty, an online information technology degree will give you the confidence in your skills you will need for a successful career after college. Information technology is a highly competitive field, peopled with talented professionals. Your online IT degree could be the essential element that will give you your place at the table.

Online IT Degree Programs are Perfect for Tech Savvy Students

Online IT programs were among the pioneers of the online college revolution, so many excellent colleges and universities offer long-established programs that are ideally suited for people who already have a knack for technology.

Online degree programs offer students more flexibility in how they complete their education. You can schedule your classes at your convenience and study at your own pace. Although previous experience is helpful, you can earn an online IT degree with no previous experience.

Many excellent accredited programs can be tailored to your specific interests. You can also earn advanced, postgraduate IT degrees online, specializing in numerous subfields:

  • Master's in Informations Systems Management
  • Master's in Network and Communications Management
  • Master's in Business Informations Management
  • Doctorate in Informations Systems and Technology
  • Doctorate in IT Security

Information Technology Career Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Computer technology and the Internet will continue to grow and change in unexpected ways, and every expert expects computers and information technology to continue their dominance for years to come. IT professionals will be at the forefront of these developments.

In fact, almost half of fastest growing jobs in US by 2020 will be in information technology sector.

Because of these factors, career growth prospects for information technology professionals is very good. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show the projected increase in the number of IT jobs by 2020:

Information Systems Managers
Information Research Scientists
Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Information Security Analyst
Database Administrator
Systems and Networks Administrator

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Information Technology

Professionals with online IT degrees are highly compensated for doing jobs they love. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2010, average salaries for IT professionals depended on their level of education:

Information Systems Managers
Information Research Scientists
Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Information Security Analyst
Database Administrator
Systems and Networks Administrator

Future Trends in Computer Information Technology

People love their technological devices, which is the main factor that drives the ever-increasing demand for skilled IT professionals. Some future trends in information technology include the following:

  • Traditional computing architecture that has driven the industry for decades can no longer handle enormous amounts of data rather than serving as an applications platform.
  • Cybercrime experts and hackers continue to pose real threats to information networks and a single security breach can cause irreparable damage. There will be ever increasing demand for information security expert to create sophisticated, multilayered security solution to prevent any major risk.
  • More and more businesses are relying on their IT departments not in a mere support role but as an essential element in everyday business. In a related trend, more consumers will use social media sites as portals to a company rather than the company web site.
  • Pattern recognition technology will be the next revolution in personal computing, making it possible to do anything on a computer without touching the device.

Technology will dominate the future in so many ways that earning an online IT degree makes a lot of sense. eDegreeSteps is your guide to excellent online information technology degree programs that will maximize your career potential.

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