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Online IT Security Degree Programs

Launch Your Career as a Cyber Cop with an Accredited Online Information Security Degree

An online IT security degree is quickly becoming a highly demanded career key, and with it you can open the door to numerous challenging and exciting careers in cyber security.

Information security is a very broad subject and refers to protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, scrutiny, inspection, recording or destruction.

As business, government, and other private interests rely more and more on information technology, they are vulnerable to increasingly devious scams, spiders, frauds, viruses, and other cyber attacks that can expose and destroy confidential and critical information.

IT Security Degree Programs As IT security specialist, you will not only develop counter-offensive solutions to retaliate these numerous threat but also design cutting-edge, sophisticated, and versatile solutions to actually prevent most meticulously planned cyber attacks.

If you have an interest in computers and security, earning an online information security degree may be the path you're seeking.

And earning information security degree online is a perfect match, utilizing technology as you learn new ways to make technology better for everyone. To help you find the ideal online IT security degree program, eDegreeSteps offers this comprehensive guide.

Online IT Security Degree Programs Sharpen Your Technological Skills

The role of security in information technology is increasing in importance and specializing to meet the needs of real-time networks. Online IT security courses will prepare you to fight virtual battles on the front lines of cyber crime.

IT security specialists are responsible for every aspect of information security, from planning to implementation to maintenance. They constantly patrol the network, looking for breaches, assessing threats, preventing risks, and responding to attacks. Online IT security degree programs offer intensive training in the most effective methods of cyber security.

Mastering IT security also requires a keen understanding of the basics of computer science. Studying IT security in online, distance-learning environments gives students a taste of how real-time networks operate in practical terms.

Online Information Security Degree Offer Comprehensive Studies and Specialized Courses

Many excellent colleges and universities offer online information security degree programs in numerous areas. You can earn an associate's certification, a bachelor's of science in cyber security, a master's or even a doctorate.

Most online information systems security degree programs offer basics of computer science principles to more advanced and specialized topics covering all facets of information security. The courses include:

  • Network and internet security
  • Cryptography
  • Cyberlaw, regulations and ethics
  • Risk management
  • Data forensics
  • Disaster recovery planning and prevention
  • Security auditing
  • Security standards

Information Security Career Job Overview and Growth Prospects

As the needs for tighter and tighter cyber security increases, qualified information security experts will be in high demand. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics bear this out, showing that job growth in this field will be much higher than average through 2020:

Information security analysts
Information Research Scientists

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Information Security Technology

An online information security degree can lead to a lucrative career. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in 2010 for IT security specialists was very strong:

Information security analysts
Information Research Scientists

Future Trends in Information Security

As technology continues to dominate nearly every aspect of our lives and livelihoods, the demand for experienced cyber security experts will also increase. One of the biggest trends in all of IT in recent years has been the emergence of cloud computing.

Security in the cloud will be an ever-increasing concern in coming years. Indeed, the very future of the cloud's viability depends on whether it can be made secure. This important question remains unanswered.

The explosion of software applications for mobile devices is another area of concern for future cyber cops. The trend is to make mobile devices as secure as a desktop.

An online IT security degree could be your launch pad for a stellar career in a fast-growing industry. eDegreeSteps is here to help you find the best online information security degree for your personal ambitions.

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