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Accredited Online Law Degree Programs

Online Legal Degree Prepares You for a Challenging and Prominent Career in the Field of Law

Are you looking to attain an online law degree and want to be part of the legal profession? A wide range of online legal degree programs are available from top law schools, depending on your past education and future career goals.

You may be a lawyer just looking to brush up on some new skills or wish to focus on specialized area of law, or a small business owner who could benefit from a little legal education. Regardless of your situation, a law degree may help you achieve your goals.

Law Degree Programs Law is a very vast field and becoming a lawyer is not the only choice for students with a legal degree. In fact, with your law degree, you can find variety of lucrative positions in the field of law such as legal assistant, legal secretary, mediator, jury consultant, enforcement officer, forensic expert, correction and parole officer etc.

Regardless of your ultimate career goals, the education available through an online law degree program can prove invaluable. In addition to studying law, you’ll learn how to solve problems, operate under pressure, study documents and contracts with thoroughness and precision.

Law school is often an intense and time-consuming experience. A classroom education in the law can take at least three years to attain, and it's quite expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of online options for those interested in pursuing a legal degree that offers more flexibility.

Many online law programs allow you to study and attend classes at the times that are most convenient, allowing you to keep your job while working to improve yourself and your level of education.

How to Choose the Right Online Legal Degree Program for You?

There are a variety of degree programs out there, and it can be tough to choose the right one for you. Here are some key considerations you can use in your search:

  • Accreditation: An accredited law school makes you eligible for financial aid, and employers are much more likely to respect degrees from these colleges or universities.
  • Length of program: While most online legal degrees take about 2-4 years to finish, some offer accelerated programs. This saves you significant time and money.
  • Residency: Some law degree programs require students to attend a traditional class here and there, so you may need to live close to a school or one of its campuses.

Online Law Degree Specializations

What You'll Learn in an Online Law Degree Program?

Just like a more traditional law school, and online law degree program teaches you about the nitty-gritty of the American legal system. Classes in torts, contracts, property law, criminal law, family law, taxation, criminal and civil procedure, legal research and analysis, and jurisprudence are all common areas of study.

Online programs also teach the philosophy and ethics of law—grounding the practice in a solid framework of ethical and legal behavior.

Many online law programs use what is known as the Socratic Method, a practice by which students are drilled on questions until they are no longer able to provide answers. This serves as a basic educational tool and helps students learn how to work and answer questions under pressure.

One valuable aspect of a legal education is the focus on critical thinking and problem solving. Students learn how to approach an entire problem and how to apply reason and logic to find the best possible explanation.

Online Law Degree Programs Job Outlook

Your legal degree opens door to lucrative career as paralegal, legal secretary, mediator, compliance officer, law enforcement officer, police officer, forensic expert etc. However, for any law degree holder, the ultimate aim is to become lawyer, attorney or judge, which are considered as the peak positions in field of law. But you have to work very hard and gain professional experience before you can take on these top positions.

Most of the law professionals work at local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, private law firms, corporate sector, legal services firms and insurance carriers.

The career outlook and demand for the legal field is very good, with the following expected growth:

Judges andMagistrates
Arbitrators and Mediators
Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Court Reporters
Judicial Law Clerks

Salary Expectations for those with a Law Degree

As you likely know, attorneys, judges and lawyers tend to bring in large salaries, although they also work very hard for what they make. Other legal support workers also earn good salary. The following is salary information for those in the legal field in 2010:

Judges and Magistrates
Arbitrators and Mediators
Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Court Reporters
Judicial Law Clerks

Trends in Legal Profession

California is the only state that currently allows those who have received an online law degree to take the bar and practice as a lawyer. However, many expect that this will change in the coming years as society shifts away from the traditional structures of education and employment.

Becoming a lawyer is not the only thing you can do with an online legal degree, and an education in the law can be valuable for many professions and industries.

Many legal assistant positions in law firms and the court system require strong knowledge of the law, but do not require that you pass an examination before a state bar association.

Many business owners, especially those whose work brings them into regular contact with government agencies and regulations, find it useful to have a legal education that allows them to understand the laws and regulations they must follow.

A legal education can be a challenge. But for those willing to work for it, there are many opportunities for success and recognition. eDegreeSteps provides you with the selection to find the perfect online law degree programs and specializations available.

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