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Online Legal Studies Degree

Prepare for a Rewarding Career in Law with a Legal Studies Online Degree

If you're interested in a legal career, an online legal studies degree provides you with rigorous training required to excel in field of law. Solid knowledge of the theory and practice of law is helpful for finding work, advancing your career and exploring new opportunities.

Legal studies online degree offers an invaluable education in how to read and understand complex legal documents and interpret and apply laws, regulations and codes. You will also learn how to conduct legal research, perform legal analysis, interview clients and witnesses, prepare legal documents and analyze factual situation.

Upon completion of your legal studies program, you can make a career in law, politics, social work, and public administration.

Many of these programs have convenient hours that allow you to study while keeping a full-time job. They are often far more economical than more traditional educational programs.

Classes are taught by skilled professors, as well as by professionals in the legal field. This includes lawyers, human resources professionals and legal experts, who all have valuable real-world experience.

What Will You Learn in an Online Legal Studies Program?

Legal studies degree online programs offer you a comprehensive and concrete grounding of the American legal system, legal theory and practice, civil and criminal law, litigation, constitutional law, legal ethics, and legal research and analysis.

You will also learn how to communicate effectively, craft solid and compelling arguments and get your point across in a concise and efficient manner. This makes your arguments more persuasive.

In addition to gaining an advanced understanding of the law and its practice, an online legal studies degree offers you a number of invaluable skills. It can help you develop problem solving and analytical thinking ability and learn reading comprehension that can be critical across many different careers.

Many online legal studies programs offer access to select internships that allow you to gain practical experience in your chosen field while studying for your degree. Real working experience in the legal field and the chance to ask questions to legal professionals offers priceless knowledge that helps you plan for the future.

Online Legal Studies Degree Job Outlook

Among the most common career paths for someone with a legal studies degree is to take a job as a paralegal. You can find suitable opportunities as paralegal or legal assistant at law firms, corporate firms, various government organizations and non-profit establishments.

The growth projections for paralegals and legal assistants are strong:

Paralegals and legal assistants

Individuals with a Legal Studies Degree can Expect to Make Good Salaries

People always need sound legal advice, and so those in the field—even paralegals—usually draw good salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people in this field made the following median salary in 2010:

Paralegals and legal assistants

Future Options Upon Receiving an Online Degree in Legal Studies

One of the most common reasons to embark on an online legal studies degree is to take the first steps toward becoming an attorney or a lawyer.

While most states don't allow you to practice law with a legal degree from an online university, a degree in legal studies can serve as a path into a more traditional law school. It gives you a firm grounding in legal concepts that will be helpful in the legal profession.

Police, social workers, small business owners and government officials may also find an online legal studies degree beneficial to their work. That's because it offers both a legal education and a solid foundation in research and rhetoric that can be useful in a variety of business situations.

Future Trends for Legal Studies Professionals

The law is a fascinating area of study, and there are many jobs available for self-starting individuals. Here are some key trends in this profession in the years to come:

  • Increased use of paralegals and legal assistance to provide counsel to clients
  • Rapidly growing need for estate planning and retirement planning services
  • Increased demand for legal experts in business settings
  • Higher pay for paralegals and legal assistances as the demand placed on them grows

An online legal studies degree offers interesting career options in the field of law. Also, it can be used as a stepping stone for more advanced law degree. Find out top online colleges offering legal studies degree online programs.

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