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Accredited Online Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal Arts Degree Online Program Gives You Well Rounded Learning Experience that Builds Solid Transferable Skills

An online liberal arts degree helps you explore a variety of academic areas to get a better understanding of the world around you, the socials values that govern its functioning and the various cultural touch points that impact the decision making of individuals.

It is perfectly suited for people who do not want the kind of learning that develops their expertise in a specific subject area. This degree broadly covers subjects in arts and sciences including humanities, social sciences, economics, communication, public relations and political sciences.

Earning a liberal arts degree online can help you hone your oral and written communication skills, improve critical thinking and logical reasoning skills and solve real-life complex problems.

The fact that this degree develops an across the board range of skill sets, makes liberal arts students very appealing to employers. Liberal arts graduates are known to be more adaptable to the changing needs of the workplace, which also allows them to fit into a variety of organizational positions.

If you are looking for an education that acts as a perfect foundation for a graduate degree in law, health care, public services and other fields, online liberal arts programs are perfect for your needs.

Who is the Perfect Fit for Liberal Arts Degree Online?

An online degree in liberal arts is for students who want to be generalists rather than specialists. It is for students who wish to understand how people think, how society evolves and how culture affects the world around us.

But, an online liberal arts degree’s appeal is not just limited to students who are looking for a non-specialized degree; students who want to build a solid foundation for enrolling in a specific study program later on are also perfect candidates for this degree.

What’s more, it also targets students who are looking for an educational qualification but don’t have a very clear idea about their long-term career goals.

Choosing the Right Online Liberal Arts Degree Programs

No two online liberal arts degrees are the same. So, you need to give a great deal of thought to which liberal arts degree to enroll into. To pick the right online degree, make sure that it’s offered by a reputed college and its curriculum covers all subjects that you’re interested in studying.

Also make sure the degree you enroll for is accredited. Find out whether that’s the case and talk to its program coordinator if you’re not sure about its accreditation. There are some liberal arts online degrees that are rated highly by academic experts so search for such degrees online and check whether your degree is a part of the list. If it is, rest assured you’ve chosen a reputed degree.

What should also be of concern is the fees of the program, so choose from online liberal arts programs whose fee structure falls well within your budget. The best online degree programs are the ones that offer students an outstanding opportunity to interact with teachers and also provide comprehensive online learning resources.

So, before you enroll for a degree, make sure it has all the right qualities in terms of coursework, credibility and the overall value it brings to the table.

Online Liberal Arts Degree Specializations

What You will Study in Liberal Arts Degree Online?

The primary focus of this degree is to improve the world view of students and ensuring they get a comprehensive liberal arts experience. The subject matter of this degree includes literature, social science, philosophy, history, humanities, economics, and communication.

Some of courses of a liberal arts degree include Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Historical Contexts & Literature, Advanced Communications in Society, Communications Theory, Philosophy, International Studies, and others. The idea is to offer students diversified learning that allows them to examine various economic, administrative, and geographic issues and find a solution for them by relating them to social evolution and cultural diversity.

Through this well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum, students can improve their critical thinking skills, strengthen communication skills and develop research and analytical competence. These help the students convey their thoughts and ideas in a precise and easy to understand manner.

Career Path and Growth Prospects with Liberal Arts Degree Online

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers about the value of liberal arts degrees and their contribution to your career growth. But a recent study on How Liberal Arts and Science Majors Fare in Employment should put any doubts people have about this degree to rest. The study reveals that when they are in their mid-50s (the peak earning age), people with a liberal arts major on an average earn more than those who enrolled for a more professional degree during graduation.

Liberal arts degree holders are more inclined towards social services jobs such as community worker, counselor etc. The study also makes one point very clear that employers are looking for people with broad based learning who have good problem solving skills, more adaptability and who can think critically.

Apart from a career in social or public service, job opportunities for liberal arts graduates exist in banking, hotel management, mass communications, journalism, public relations, administration, marketing and even politics.

Salary Guidelines

According to a NACE salary survey conducted in 2012, the salaries for students majoring in liberal arts are on the rise. The highest starting salary earned by liberal arts majors was $43,100. Advanced degree holders are seen to boost their earning potential by $20,000 annually which is a significant improvement. It is important to understand that you will improve your chances of increasing your salary if you enroll for a specialized graduate degree after you get your Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts.

Future Trends in Liberal Arts

The future looks brighter than it ever was for liberal arts graduates. Get ready to witness a surge of technology in the classroom and outside of it. Moreover, tech companies are realizing the importance of adding creative thinkers to their tech work force in order to improve the quality of their design and for creative problem solving. So there is no doubt that a liberal arts education will keep delivering solid value to students in the years to come. Doomsayers who thought a degree in liberal arts had no place in today’s highly specialized world are already eating their words.

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