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Accredited Online Marketing Degree Programs

Hone Your Creative and Collaborative Chops With a Business Marketing Degree

If you're looking for a viable degree that can unlock a rich career, an online marketing degree is an instant winner because the specialized skills you will acquire are in high demand.

As business competition spreads around the globe, your online business marketing degree can open opportunities for a better, more upwardly mobile career where you can utilize your creativity, energy and presentation skills to help your organization grow.

Plus, earning a marketing degree online is an affordable and modern way to complete your college education, improve your career options, and master essential business skills, all without losing valuable time at your current job.

If you're interested in finding the top online marketing degree programs for your success, eDegreeSteps highlights some of the best programs.

Marketing Degree Online Programs Appeal to Tech-Savvy Go-Getters

Online marketing degree programs are especially popular because you learn using many of the same technological tools used in business marketing, and more quality, accredited online programs are available today than ever before.

Online business marketing degree programs have the same high standards as mortar and ivy colleges: quality professors, state-of-the-art distance learning tools, and many scheduled class times in virtual settings.

The best marketers are creative thinkers who work well both independently and with collaborators. You need good organizational skills to excel both in marketing and online degree programs.

Although some business experience would help you in any marketing program, it isn't a prerequisite, and online programs give you the time to work and go to college at the same time.

What Will You Learn in Online Marketing Degree Programs?

Marketing has become an essential business necessity in recent years, encompassing everything from public relations to advertising, so you will have many opportunities for creativity in an online marketing program.

Many online marketing degrees are specialized into one of these areas:

  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising
  • Brand Management

You will take many business courses, as well as capstone courses that require individual and collaborative research projects.

You will develop your creative skills to master the latest marketing techniques and strategies for an exciting career at the forefront of business development. Most of the programs offer courses to enhance your communication skills, research abilities, social media awareness and techniques to interpret consumers' perception.

Some online programs allow you to earn your fully accredited degree in 18 months or less, and most of your previous college credits can be transferred.

Job Prospects for Marketing Career

Marketing promises to be one of the hottest careers in the next decade as businesses expand in the global marketplace. As a marketing graduate, you can work in a wide spectrum of industries in different capacities and apply your skills in product promotion, advertising and market analysis.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected change in positions for marketing managers and marketing research analysts through 2020 looks very positive:

Marketing Managers
Advertising and Promotion Managers
Market Research Analysts

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Marketing

People holding marketing degrees are among the highest paid in the business world. According to May 2012 figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketers can expect to earn somewhere in the range of:

Marketing Managers
Advertising and Promotion Managers
Market Research Analysts

Future Trends in Marketing Careers

As people become more wired and business opportunities explode around the world, trends in marketing continue to make it a solid career path for creative individuals. Some trends in marketing include:

  • More creative marketing techniques are needed for ever-sophisticated consumers
  • Social media marketing and monitoring tools are giving researchers unprecedented access to consumers
  • The rise of mobile marketing
  • Online video campaigns are cheaper and have a broader reach than ever before

Your bright career in marketing awaits, and eDegreeSteps is your portal for the best online marketing degree programs.

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