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Online Medical Assistant Degree

An Accredited Online Medical Assisting Degree Opens Doors to a Lucrative and Versatile Healthcare Career

With an online medical assistant degree, you can qualify for a rewarding career in fast growing heath care industry in fewer than two years. Today's busy medical facilities need efficient health care support staff for their smooth operations and skilled medical assistants are always in demand.

Medical assistants help doctors and nurses deliver optimum patient care in a variety of ways. Most medical assistants are employed by doctors in private practice, directly managing office functions and procedures, from scheduling appointments to processing insurance claims.

Some medical assistant also perform clinical tasks and provide basic medical services from collecting blood samples to taking vital signs.

Online medical assistant programs help you to acquire crucial skills and knowledge necessary to become a professional medical assistant and prepare you to perform administrative and clinical tasks at private health clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals.

Online medical assistant degree programs offer you more flexibility and affordability in pursuing your professional goal and are well suited to today's distance learning revolution.

With just a high school diploma, you can begin your online journey to a rewarding career. Let eDegreeSteps be your best solution for finding accredited online medical assisting degree programs that can maximize your career potential.

With Your Online Medical Assistant Degree, Specialize in Clinical, Administrative, or Both

Your goal in most online medical assistant programs is to earn your 2-year associates degree and pass your professional certification exam. This one-two punch is the most reliable way to become a qualified medical assistant.

A number of excellent, accredited colleges offer online medical assistant programs, inviting students to specialize in 1 or 3 tracks: clinical, administrative, or both.

Online medical assistant degree prepare you for all the basic jobs you will perform to assist a physician in a private medical practice, hospitals and health clinics.

Clinical medical assistants assist medical professionals in directly providing care to patients, performing routine tasks:

  • Drawing blood and tissue samples
  • Recording vital signs
  • Administering medication and giving injections
  • Assisting in patient examination
  • Medical equipment preparation
  • Sterilization
  • And other basic medical procedures

Administrative medical assistants focus on maintaining office records, setting appointments, patient management, processing insurance claims, and medical billing and coding.

Medical assistant programs offer courses and training in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, emergency care, clinical procedures, basic laboratory procedures, basic pharmacology, medical law and ethics, medical records and administrative procedures, communication, scheduling appointments, insurance processing and medical billing.

Many programs offer some sort of internship to provide you real life, hands-on experience before you start your professional career.

Good Medical Assistants Have Warm Bedside Manners

Medical assistants are usually employed by doctors in private practice and perform many of the functions in a doctor's office that nurses handle in large hospitals. Because their roles are similar, the same qualities that make a good nurse also make a good medical assistant.

You must be organized, reliable, ready to make personal sacrifices, and good at relating to people who are not feeling their best. Compassion and empathy are still among the primary skills good medical assistants need.

But to best assist the doctor in managing the office, you must be adept at math and science and comfortable learning new methods in today's tech-driven healthcare industry. Online medical assistant programs give you the knowledge you will need to enhance your natural skills.

In fewer than 2 years, you can earn your online medical assistant degree and pass your professional certification exam, qualifying you to play a vital role in providing healthcare services to a needy population.

Medical Assistants Career Opportunities and Growth Prospects

As a medical assistant, you can work for doctors' offices or physicians' clinics. Many medical assistants also work for hospitals, pathology labs, dentists, insurance companies, or public health facilities. Relevant experience and professional certification can help you to find high paying jobs as medical office administrator.

All over the healthcare industry, the demand for certified professionals continues to rise, and the case is no different for medical assistants. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for qualified medical assistants are expected to grow faster than other occupations through 2020:

Medical Records Technicians
Medical Assistants

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Medical Assistance

Health care requires trained professionals who are handsomely rewarded for their skills. In the fast-changing healthcare industry, medical assistants are compensated at different rates depending on their experience and employment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, average salaries in 2010 for medical assistants and healthcare managers were as follows:

Medical Records Technicians
Medical Assistants

Future Trends in Medical Assistance Career

Because they provide vital support to doctors and nurses, certified medical assistants will be in high demand in the foreseeable future, one of the primary trends in this career path.

The impact of technology is another continuing trend for medical assistants. Data management, updated medical codes, and new software applications are just one area that medical assistants will have to stay on top of.

More and more certified medical assistants today earn their degrees with online medical assisting programs, and this embrace of distance learning is another development in the field.

Earning your online medical assistant degree is the quickest way to jump-start your fulfilling career in recession-proof healthcare sector. At eDegreeSteps, you can find the best accredited online medical assistant programs for your career goals.

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