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Online Medical Transcription Training Programs

Online Medical Transcription Courses Qualify You for a Work-at-Home Career

Online medical transcription training programs are very popular today because you can qualify for a solid career quickly, without having to earn a full college degree. Medical transcriptionists perform a vital function in the healthcare industry, and most online medical transcription courses can be completed in months instead of years.

Physicians and medical professionals routinely record their observations after performing their duties. These professionals need accurate transcriptions of these recordings, so medical transcriptionists must be proficient in both English language and medical terminology.

The online learning environment is ideal for studying these two topics, allowing students to tailor their course loads and work from home. And once you complete your online medical transcription degree, you will be qualified for a job that allows you flexible schedule and working conditions.

Many students combine their online medical transcription degree with other degree programs, such as medical billing or health IT management, giving them more career options once they graduate. You will need strong computer skills and licensing compliance to get the most from your online medical transcription training.

Tomorrow's medical transcriptionists will have to be flexible and adaptable in this changing profession, and eDegreeSteps helps you find top online medical transcription courses for your individual career goals.

Online Medical Transcription Training Programs Offer Solid Training and Specialized Focus

Medical transcriptionists must create accurate medical reports while being aware of the sensitive nature of their work. As a professional, you will contribute to confidential medical records that will become a permanent part of someone's personal files.

To prepare you for this vital healthcare role, online medical transcription degree focuses on developing language skills, as well as a large dose of anatomy and medical terminology. You will take courses in human anatomy and physiology, healthcare laws and ethics, common healthcare procedures, generic drugs, healthcare administration, medical transcription functions, and English language.

Graduating students must pass the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) exam, and after two years of professional experience, the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) exam.

In your online medical transcription course, you can aim for a two-year associate's degree or a one-year certificate program, which provides one of the shortest educational paths to a healthcare career. Because of the changing nature of this healthcare field, many online medical transcription degree students also prepare for careers as medical records technicians.

Medical Transcriptionist Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Medical transcriptionists offer essential transcription and record-keeping services to public and private hospitals, doctors' clinics, dentists' office, community healthcare centers and other health related agencies.

However, new voice recognition technology could make the occupation of medical transcriptionist obsolete. Figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics bear this out, showing that job growth in this field is expected to be much slower than other occupations through 2022:

Medical Records Transcriptionist
Medical Records Technicians

Salary Guidelines for Medical Transcriptionist Careers

Certified medical transcriptionists earn competitive salaries and excellent benefits. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, average annual salaries for medical transcriptionists and technicians in 2010 was a follows:

Medical Records Transcriptionist

Future Trends in Medical Transcription

Technology continues to improve the way healthcare professionals deliver their services, and this trend is having a negative impact on traditional medical transcription services. Specifically, voice recognition software makes analog recordings and voice transcriptions obsolete.

Electronic health and medical records (EHRs and EMRs) also make traditional dictation an unnecessary task. Doctors and healthcare professionals can now use software to do what transcriptionists have been trained to do for years.

In addition, many medical transcription companies are outsourcing jobs overseas to stay competitive in a quickly evolving field. Statistics from the US government reveal that job growth in medical transcription is very slow, reflecting the impact of changes in technology and labor trends.

Accredited online medical transcription training programs will have to evolve. Nevertheless, many excellent programs remain viable today, and eDegreeSteps can help you find the right online medical transcription course for your goals.

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