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Online Operations Management MBA Programs

An Online MBA in Operations Management Degree is Your Passport to Executive Career in Upper Management

If you are looking for an exciting career at the uppermost levels of management, earning an online operations management MBA degree can turn your dream into reality.

Working in operations management allows you to explore new opportunities and gives you a total view of what a company does, from production and supply chain to retail and sales. Operations managers are responsible for efficiently coordinating and supervising all the operations involved in the production and distribution of goods and service.

An online MBA in operations management helps you understand the complexities of running a business from the ground up, manage large retail and supply chains, understand technology and manage relationships between distributors and suppliers.

Online MBA operations management programs offer industry-current curriculum and real world experience, preparing you to excel as operations manager in a multifaceted, cross-functional business environment.

These programs offer more convenient hours than more traditional classroom MBA programs, and because they are not geographically locked, you can choose the program that most effectively meets your needs. They are also often more economical than traditional MBA programs.

Many classes are taught by professionals in the industry who explain how to apply management theory learned in the classroom in real-world situations.

What You Will Learn in an Online Operations Management MBA Program?

An online MBA in operations management provides you with all of the vital skills necessary to actually bring a product to market. This includes how to source materials, forge relationships with distributors and suppliers and manage the complexities of a supply chain.

You will learn how to oversee different aspects of operations management including scheduling, resources acquisition, inventory and quality control, materials handling, logistics and distribution with a focus on reducing the cost.

Students also gain essential project management experience that is useful when analyzing data to create a strategy that may drive a business for years. Plans that include a focus on product and service performance can be vital to a company’s long-term performance.

Apart from the traditional business courses, you will take operations management courses such as supply chain management, operations planning and strategy, production planning, product development, service operations management, operations research and analysis, and warehouse management.

What You Can Expect With a MBA Operation Management Program?

With a degree from online operations management MBA programs, students can get on the ground floor of managing the most concrete aspects of business. A solid understanding of the dynamics of product creation and distribution, supply chain and retailer relationships are invaluable in any industry.

People in all areas of management, as well as small business owners, entrepreneurs, industrial plant operators and anyone else who deals with a supply chain, will benefit from the lessons that an education in operations management offers.

While these programs are challenging, they are almost always worth the investment due to the career options available to graduates.

Career Outlook and Job Growth With an Operations Management MBA

Operations managers ensure that carefully crafted strategies become realities that a business can profit from in the years to come. And by implementing successful internal programs, you can progress your career and open yourself up to promotions and raises.

MBA in operations management degree will qualify you for a variety of positions mainly in manufacturing and industrial firms. You can work as purchasing manager, production manager, operations manager, inventory control specialist, supply chain manager or operations research analyst.

Among the highest level of career paths for operations managers is as top executives (COO or CEO) who drive strategy and ensure that organizational goals are met. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, following is the growth projections for the field of operations management:

Operations Managers
Purchasing Manager
Industrial Production Managers
Operations Research Analysts

Salary Expectations With a Operations Management MBA

Operations management is the engine that drives business forward, and as a result salaries for those who hold those positions are often high to reflect the value of the job. According to the BLS, people in the operations field made the following median salary in 2010:

Operations Managers
Purchasing Manager
Industrial Production Managers
Operations Research Analysts

The Future Trends in Operations Management

Operations management is a fascinating area to study. Ambitious and detail-oriented professionals will find that there are many ways to improve the function of business and industry in the coming decades. Here are some key future trends in this field:

  • Increasing use of complex and global supply chains
  • Lean operations and Just In Time approach of planning and production
  • Rapidly changing technology that creates new options for business and shrinks product life cycle
  • Increased demand to establish stable and long lasting relationships with reliable suppliers
  • Improving efficiency in the operations of all business areas to reduce cost and improve quality of products

An online operations management MBA degree prepares you for a challenging and rewarding career in the field of operations management and product development. Discover the top accredited online MBA in operations management programs at eDegreeSteps.

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