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Accredited Online Operations Management Degree Programs

Bring Out Your Passion for Product Manufacturing With an Operations Management Degree

If you are an innovative thinker who likes to make things happen, an online operations management degree may be your key to a sparkling career in business.

Operations managers are leaders who oversee the production and operations of industry and business, planning, directing, and organizing every aspect of the production line, from companywide policies to daily operations.

The ideal student for online operations management courses is an independent-minded, ambitious individual with a fervor for manufacturing goods as competently as possible.

Indeed, online education offers people like you the most flexible and affordable way to complete your college education and enhance your overall career prospects without taking an expensive leave of absence from your busy career.

If you are looking for an online degree that can maximize your career opportunities, you can find the best online operations management degree programs at eDegreeStep, your comprehensive guide to online education.

An Online Operations Management Degree Enhances Your Management Skills

Industry has given us many wonders and improved the lives of billions, but innovation doesn't happen by itself - educated and creative thinkers and doers are necessary to make something from nothing.

Because operations management degree programs groom top executives, people with business experience, some business education, or future business plans would best benefit from this degree.

Top business managers must organize time, materials, and, most importantly, people, and your virtual classroom will show you advanced management techniques for the most efficient business operations.

Online Operations Management Courses Teach Complex Principles of Production

In an online operations management degree program, you will learn the product management skills needed to make a difference on the production line, including such courses as:

  • Quality Control Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Production Activity Control
  • Master Business Planning
  • Materials Resource Planning
  • Labor Management

Many online operations management courses are focused on specific aspects of management, including technical management and business administration, so your degree will reflect that focus.

In addition, many accredited online universities offer operations management degrees at both the bachelor's and master's levels, and some even offer a PhD in operations research.

Best of all, accredited online operations management programs have the same exacting standards as traditional university programs.

Operations Management Career Job Prospects

The myriad skills that you learn in an online operations management degree program give you countless career options, especially in manufacturing sector. The top choices include operation manager, industrial production manager, operations specialties manager, purchasing manager, and inventory control specialist.

Operations managers are among the top executives of business, making this career field both highly rewarding and highly competitive. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show modest projected increases in the number of operations management positions by 2020:

Operations Managers
Industrial Production Managers
Operations Specialties Managers
Purchasing Managers

Salary Projections for Careers in Operations Management

Operations managers and other related roles offer excellent annually salary package and benefits. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2012, the median annual salaries for managers were:

Operations Managers
Operations Specialties Managers
Purchasing Managers
Industrial Production Managers

Trends in Operations Management Careers

Operations managers are at the forefront of business development, especially in manufacturing and industry. Trends in operations management include:

  • Challenges in developing sustainable business plans and operations that use resources more efficiently without decreasing productivity.
  • New methods of production, including Just In Time, in which orders are produced upon receipt instead of building large inventories.
  • Supply chain partnerships are becoming more long-term instead of merely focused on lower costs.
  • Labor relations continue to be transformed by the latest human resources strategies, empowering employees as company assets.

An online operations management degree can slot you in the fast lane to a top executive position. At eDegreeSteps, you can find the best online program for your career.

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