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Online Organizational Psychology Degree

Online Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree Empowers You to Tackle Organizational Challenges and Improve Workplace Performance

An online organizational psychology degree is a smart way to enter an exciting career as an organizational psychologist, where you apply the principles of psychology to workplace environments. Organizational psychologists look for ways to improve the productivity, effectiveness, safety, and well-being of workers in all kinds of industries.

From manufacturing to service, organizational psychologists perform a critical role in solving complex workplace issues, increasing job satisfaction, fostering team spirit, and improving productivity and quality of life at work. Without the specialized skills of professional organizational psychologists, business and industry could not evolve rapidly and dynamically.

The American Psychological Association recognizes several branches of organizational psychology, also known as industrial-organizational psychology (I-O) and work psychology. With their highly focused curriculum, online organizational psychology degree programs mold you in a well-rounded, forward-thinking professional.

You will gain the insight into human behavior in organizational and workplace setting and ability to apply the concepts of psychology to efficiently manage employee recruitment, performance measurement, promotion, workplace diversity, organizational culture, conflict resolution, and communication issues.

And like any career position in psychology, I-O psychologists are expected to hold advanced degrees in the field. Today, many accredited online colleges offer master's and doctorate degrees in psychology with a focus on organizational psychology.

Today's distance-learning classrooms are ideal for studying psychology. In your online organizational psychology degree program, you will use the latest software applications to explore case studies, practical applications, and research techniques. Plus, lessons are taught by expert professors as well as many qualified organizational psychologists, who share their invaluable real-world experience.

Online industrial organizational psychology programs are more affordable and available than ever, and offer amazing flexibility and freedom. eDegreeSteps gives you this informative guide to top accredited organizational psychology online degree programs.

An Online Organizational Psychology Degree Requires Long-Term Planning

Psychology is a science that studies the mental processes affecting human behavior. Organizational psychology focuses on how workplace organization impacts worker performance. If you are interested in this field, you must be prepared to master all of the main theories of psychology, including research techniques and application of findings.

Many psychology students use their strong critical thinking and observational skills to earn bachelor degrees in psychology, then focus on organizational psychology in graduate school. The higher your final degree, the better your overall career options, so many students aim for a doctorate degree. However, at the advanced academic levels, your instruction becomes far more focused and challenging.

Ultimately, how far you go in any pursuit depends on your persistence. I-O psychologists today have more options for earning their organizational psychology degree online, taking their courses and fulfilling their doctoral requirements on their own terms.

All academic levels of online organizational psychology programs are available from accredited schools. Psychology is a popular undergraduate major that can be applied to many post-graduate careers. But only the dedicated go after online organizational psychology degree in graduate school.

An Online Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree Explores a Fascinating Field

Online organizational psychology degree programs focus on applying psychological concepts, research techniques, rational findings and historical trends to solve wide range of problems and challenges within a workplace.

You will learn cutting-edge assessment procedures, leadership development, and motivational techniques using real-life scenarios and practical problems.

You will also develop skills and explore various technical fields to:

  • Recruit and retain quality employees
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Develop compensation package
  • Implement corporate culture and workplace diversity
  • Design HR training and evaluation process
  • Implement occupational safety
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Provide conflict management

Career Opportunities and Growth Prospects for Organizational Psychologists

For many industries and organizations, employees are their most valuable assets and as a result growing number of organizations employ highly qualified industrial organizational psychologists at various administrative levels to boost employees' satisfaction. Many government agencies are also on the lookout for experienced organizational psychologists.

Because of their specialized knowledge, graduates of organizational psychology degree have a number of outstanding career options. They can pursue managerial, leadership or consultant position in a variety of fields including human resources, organizational development, leadership development, talent acquisition, compensation and job analysis, and labor relations. Many organizational psychologists also make their career in research and academia.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospect for industrial-organizational psychologists is the fastest growing in the field, with whooping 53.4% growth projected through 2022.

Salary Expectation for Organizational Psychologists

Organizational psychologists can earn salaries comparable to those of middle executives and consultants. However, salaries vary greatly based on your experience, education, geographic location and industry you work in. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual mean salaries of industrial-organizational psychologists in May 2012 were $98,800.

Future Developments in Organizational Psychology

Like many fields closely related to business, organizational psychology is undergoing a revolution sparked by technology and globalization. As business and industry meet the challenges of global competition, organizational psychologists must consider not only the local conditions, but world-away factors that affect their companies directly.

Naturally, the world wide web affects world business, and organizational psychologists are increasingly turning to online research and recruitment. They must also constantly refine online information gathering to respect both security and privacy concerns.

Technology also enables more people to work from home, changing the very definition of a workplace environment. Organizational psychologists are meeting these challenges in numerous innovative ways, from new software applications to new compensation models.

Earning an online organizational psychology degree is the beginning of a long and rewarding journey. eDegreeSteps points you to the best possible degree paths that allow you to explore the human mind and meet your career goals.

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