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Accredited Online Paralegal Degree

Gain Entry into the World of Professional Law with a Paralegal Online Degree

An accredited online paralegal degree offers real-world knowledge of American legal system and enables you to embark on a highly rewarding and challenging career as a paralegal or legal assistant.

Through online paralegal programs, you'll receive instruction in countless areas of legal practice, including civil litigation, family law, real estate, bankruptcy, corporate law, criminal law - among many others. You'll also learn essential research and writing skills and develop reasoning and critical thinking abilities.

The skills developed in paralegal degree programs qualify you to work directly with attorneys, performing crucial duties that include gathering research material for litigation, conducting client interviews, performing a title search, writing deposition summaries and drafting legal briefs.

Online paralegal degree programs can prepare you for many area of specialization, allowing you to work for many different types of law firms or legal organizations. You might believe that you're well suited to work in personal injury law, or perhaps a career in business litigation is where your true passions lie.

Additionally, paralegal online degree programs give you an opportunity to chase your educational ambitions at your own pace and schedule, from the comfort of your home, without quitting you current job.

Get the Skills You Need for Success as a Legal Professional

To be eligible for most online paralegal degree programs, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Once you are in, you'll study a variety of different fields related to the law to give you a comprehensive educational experience.

Most online paralegal programs involve courses in legal research and writing, legal terminology, contracts, legal ethics, business law, civil law, family and divorce law, personal injury law, torts, real estate law, immigration law, taxation law, will and estate planning, and civil litigation.

You will also gain first-hand experience of navigating Westlaw and LexisNexis - the world's largest electronic databases of law cases, legal forms, public-records, law journals, and law reviews.

When finished, you should have a strong understanding of a wide range of practice areas, making you employable to many different types of law firms or legal organizations.

The Fabulous Growth Prospects for Paralegals

The comprehensive knowledge and strong understanding of the law and complex legal issues gained during an online paralegal degree prepares you to work as a paralegal, legal assistant, law clerk, claim adjuster, legal analyst or title examiner in variety of settings.

Law firms, public and private corporations, and government organizations will see a greater demand for paralegals over the next 10 years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the following growth trends in the coming decade:

Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Court Reporters
Judicial Law Clerks

An Online Paralegal Degree Could Be a Ticket to Meaningful Salary

Paralegals are in high demand and tend to earn solid pay for the work they perform. According to the BLS, the following was the median salary for paralegals in 2010:

Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Court Reporters
Judicial Law Clerks

Future Trends for Paralegal Professionals

Paralegals are key members of any law firm or law-related organization, and they do very important work. The following are some future trends:

  • With law firms and businesses looking to cut personnel costs, it has become more common to hire paralegals in the place of attorneys. This is especially true for larger firms that can afford to place multiple paralegals under the supervision of fewer attorneys.
  • The BLS has identified a continuously growing demand for paralegals nationwide. As this field continues to grow, trained paralegals will be in higher demand.
  • Paralegals typically work full-time and tend to collect a lot of overtime pay.
  • Paralegal work is less likely than other professions to be outsourced to foreign countries.

There is a high demand for paralegals in all levels of professional service. Those with a degree are always better off than those without, and the first step toward a rewarding career as a paralegal is applying for a online paralegal degree program.

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