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Accredited Online PhD Programs

Online PhD Degrees are the Pinnacle of Academic Achievement and Reputation

Online PhD programs are viable options for graduate students who are looking for quicker, more convenient options than traditional PhD tracks.

If you're considering earning your PhD, completing your work in an online program offers more flexibility and opportunities without losing any of the prestige or respect you would earn in a residency program.

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Why Aim for Online PhD Degrees?

More and more universities are offering excellent online PhD degree programs, so completing your PhD online is easier than ever. Online PhD degrees also tend to take less time to complete than traditional residency programs.

Indeed, you can complete your PhD online in as few as 4 years, as opposed to the traditional 7-year track. Many postgraduate students who are pursuing careers concurrently find online PhD programs very appealing.

Naturally, not all PhD programs are possible to earn online. PhDs in the physical sciences and in fields that require hands-on laboratory work cannot be offered entirely online.

But many fields are ideal for online study at the highest academic levels, and today, a PhD earned online carries the same weight as traditional doctorates.

What Are the Benefits of an Online PhD Degree?

A PhD is your ticket to not only respect and prestige, but also career opportunities at the highest levels of academia, business, and government. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with PhDs have more job stability and experience less unemployment.

Additionally, people with PhDs have higher lifetime earning potential, typically averaging more than $100,000 annually.

How to Earn an Online PhD Degree?

Most online PhD programs have highly competitive application processes because of the limited space available in postgraduate programs. So students with better academic records have better chances of acceptance.

In addition, you will be required to take several extra courses related to your research. For example, many PhD programs require you to master one or more foreign languages.

In most online PhD degree programs, some face-to-face meetings with your academic advisors will be necessary, but most residency requirements are low.

Your studies and independent research will culminate with your dissertation defense, a peer review process in which you will support your original research findings and demonstrate your mastery of advanced research and analysis.

What Should Your Consider When Choosing from Many Fine Online PhD Programs?

Entering a PhD programs signals that you are ready to enter the elite of your field, so many traditional and online universities offer special benefits to PhD students. Shopping around to find the best benefits package is an excellent strategy.

Indeed, an axiom in academic circles is to apply to many and take the best offer available.

What kind of financial aid can you expect? What are the minimum residency requirements? How will you support yourself while researching your dissertation? These are some of the questions that should be answered before you make any decision.

Most graduate schools, both traditional and online, can explain the specific advantages of their programs, so you should expect to ask questions related to your personal needs and concerns.

What's Next? Beyond the PhD Degree

After completing your PhD, you will be qualified to teach your specialization at any university in the world. In fact, most community colleges, online universities, and research universities require a PhD as a minimum requirement for any professorial position.

But a PhD will also put your resume on top for a wide range of administrative, managerial, and research positions in business and government.

Overall, the benefits of earning your PhD in one of the many excellent online PhD programs will transform your life and career.

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