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Accredited Online Project Management Degree Programs

Brighten Your Future with a Project Management Online Degree

Developing new products and services for business requires proven leaders who can organize, motivate, and inspire, and an online project management degree could be your ticket to a successful, lucrative career.

Specialized online project management programs offer busy and ambitious people like you a flexible and affordable way to enhance your overall career prospects and master the leadership, communication and organizational skills business thrives on.

An online project management course rewards creative and forward-thinking business executives by allowing them to complete their certification or post-graduate work without delaying their career growth.

Today, from the comfort of your own home, you can complete your project management certification or earn an MBA, or PhD in project management. eDegreeSteps is a powerful tool in finding the perfect accredited online project management degree program.

An Online Project Management Degree is Ideal for Innovative Leaders

Modern project managers must be familiar with numerous theories of production processes, must have strong organizational skills, and must be able to motivate and inspire team members.

The perfect candidate for a project management degree already has some business management experience, wants to maintain a present career while earning an advanced college degree, and is comfortable using online tools.

Ideally, you will use your business experience to focus your online education program, specializing in industrial production, information technology, business, or construction management.

Most online project management courses cover enough ground to be applied to a range of businesses and industries. The horizon is as far as you want to take it.

Online Project Management Programs Cover a Variety of Process Theories

Academically, an online project management degree is as challenging as traditional business and MBA programs. You will encounter top professors and interesting colleagues, but in a virtual classroom environment.

You will study in detail many topics and production theories, from traditional process-based production methods to advanced processes, including:

  • Resource Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Budgeting and Fund Management
  • Project Communication
  • Traditional R&D Processes
  • Event-Chain Methodology
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Projects integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM)
  • PRINCE 2

Top project managers will have to organize, plan, and oversee complex production plans and inspire efficiency and innovation, and most online programs offer invaluable insights into the secrets of long-term business viability.

You will learn every facet of project management life cycle to ensure that projects can be completed successfully on time and within budget. These include project initiation and scope, costing, resource allocation, scheduling, risk analysis, communication, implementation and closing.

Project Management Career Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Project managers are required in informational technology, banking, insurance, manufacturing, construction, architecture, and many other business areas, as such they are considered top executives.

Figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal modest growth prospects for top executives like project managers through 2020:

Project Managers

Salary Projections for Careers in Project Management

Project managers are responsible for every aspect of important business efforts and are compensated handsomely. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for project managers in May 2012 was:

Project Managers

Future Trends in Project Management Careers

Project management is one of the most interesting and exciting business career paths you can take, and future trends in the field show that the excitement will continue for the next several years.

  • Innovation will remain in high demand as new developments, new methods, new materials, and new thinking drive new production methods
  • In construction, the green technology revolution remains in full effect, requiring older methods to be replaced by newer, leaner, more sustainable ones.
  • Larger and more complex projects will require more specialized training, making an online PM degree even more appealing.
  • Project managers will have more responsibility in the future, especially in the area of vendor management as business continues to increase management efficiency.

Talent and skill are necessary to break into a top executive position, but an online project management degree could be your elevator to the top floor. Let eDegreeSteps help you find the best program for your career growth potential.

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