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Accredited Online Psychology Degree Programs

Gain Insight into Human Mind and Provide Relief for Mental Disorder with an Online Degree in Psychology

With an accredited online psychology degree, you can learn to help people understand their own feelings, emotions and impulses, and develop a plan to manage and treat issues that disrupt their daily lives.

Psychologists study and evaluate the human psyche and use the scientific methods to understand what happens when things go wrong - and how one can make corrections. They work either with patients or as researchers.

As a psychology major, you may study how to discover, interpret and solve life's most fascinating mysteries.

Psychology Degree Programs Online psychology programs offer you broad spectrum of skills to understand human behavior and mental process, apply scientific techniques to analyze and interpret psychological research, and hone your problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.

Many online psychology courses allow you to take classes on your own schedule, allowing you to study on nights and weekends while still meeting your other obligations. This gives you the freedom to pursue a degree without interrupting your current job or family life.

Skilled professors teach these courses, although some classes include experienced and practicing research and clinical psychologists. These professionals in particular give you insights into the day-to-day aspect of the field.

What will you learn with an online degree in psychology?

Psychology is a very wide subject and most online psychology degree programs offer core psychology courses and several specializations to cover broad spectrum of the field. You can pursue a specialization in a variety of psychology related areas based on your interest and career goals. Some of very popular specializations are: child psychology, organizational psychology, school psychology, sports psychology, cognitive psychology and forensic psychology.

Online psychology courses give you the basics of psychology, including research, basic brain function and how to diagnose mental illness using observation, interview, surveys, tests and other methods. Once a patient has been diagnosed, you will be able to develop a treatment plan that helps manage the condition.

You'll also learn pattern recognition, allowing you to observe a patient's behavior to predict physical and emotional responses, and then determining what is causing the issue. You may work with individuals, groups or families in this capacity.

The programs also focus on developing effective communication skills, creative thinking, decision making and problem solving expertise in psychology.

Online psychology Degree Specializations

Career projections for those with online psychology degrees

The job outlook for people with online psychology degree is strong for the coming years. A greater understanding of how the brain works and how emotional and mental problems can be damaging to a person’s physical health is helping more people understand the true value of psychology.

Top psychologist jobs require at least a master's degree, while some jobs demand doctoral or PhD in psychology. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, you may get entry-level job as a social services worker, psychology research assistant, probation or corrections officer, mental health specialist, substance abuse counselor, intake counselor, advertising and marketing consultant or even start private practice.

You can find a job in variety of settings, including residential care units, community and human services centers, counseling clinics, schools, social organizations, and government and not-profit agencies.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the field of psychology is expected to be more rapid than the average profession over the next 10 years:

Clinical and School Psychologists
Organizational Psychologists
Psychologists, All Other
Mental Health Counselors
Social and Community Service Managers
Substance Abuse Counselors

Salary projections for psychologists

Evaluating and explaining mental and emotional problems is a complex and difficult job. Caring for a person's mental and emotional health can be just as important as ensuring one's physical wellbeing. Few people get into the business of caring for others for the money, although salaries in the field are quite good.

The following is the average salary in 2010, according to the BLS:

Clinical and School Psychologists
Organizational Psychologists
Psychologists, All Other
Mental Health Counselors
Social and Community Service Managers
Substance Abuse Counselors

Trends expected to impact psychology in the future

The world is shifting rapidly. Technology, medicine and diversity are all changing the way we interact with each other. The field of psychological research and treatment is also likely to be impacted by these massive changes, including:

  • In many cases, people are moving away from psychiatric drugs and toward cognitive therapy as a way to deal with issues of anxiety and depression.
  • Greater awareness of the long-term problems posed by mental and emotional illness is pushing more people to seek treatment, which helps remove the stigma from these conditions.
  • Technology is making it possible for people who live in rural or remote areas, where there may be no psychologists, to seek treatment that was previously unavailable.
  • As our culture becomes more diverse, people seeking treatment tend to have different cultural assumptions than the norm. Psychologists will need to learn about and adapt to new ways of thinking.

If you have an analytical mind, a love of the scientific method and a desire to help people, an online psychology degree could be the best choice for you. Browse the top online psychology programs with confidence.

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