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Online Public Administration Degree

Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming a Public Policy Expert with a Public Administration Degree Online

If your aspiration is a career in public service, do not think beyond an online public administration degree. This qualification will help you make a result-driven contribution towards solving critical social, economic and development issues to usher a positive change in the public and non-profit sectors.

Public administrators play crucial role in the design and implementation of public policies at the ground level. They manage government agencies and not-profit organizations, use statistical tools to analyze and evaluate policies effectiveness, conduct research and help organizations to meet their goals successfully.

Your public administration online degree gives you comprehensive overview of public sector leadership, policies and practices. You will study how to manage organizational environment efficiently, how to overcome critical public policy hurdles, and how to induce institutional and community changes. You will also develop concrete skills to demonstrate leadership while navigating a contemporary political, governmental, and social environment to solve socio-economic problems.

An online public administration degree earned through accredited college is your ticket to a highly satisfying career in the public sector, non-profit organization or as an administrator at the local, state or federal level. The knowledge and confidence gained through this degree help you to work on complex local and national issues and apply your expertise to real world situations.

Public administration degree online programs offer practical and industry-current curriculum. Courses are delivered by top professors and working professionals with years of real-world public administration experience, allowing you to implement classroom knowledge into actual state of affairs.

Curriculum of a Public Administration Online Degree

The curriculum of a public administration degree has been designed keeping in mind the need for professionals to understand challenging issues affecting national and local level public policies and projects. This ensures they are able to apply their analytical and managerial skills to solve these issues and implement public policies successfully. The core focus of this degree is to offer a theoretical and practical understanding of administrative leadership and the knowledge required to implement exceptional and far-reaching policy changes.

Courses that are an integral part of this degree include but are not limited to Law for Public Administration, Public Financial Management, Professional Communication, Organizational Theory, State and Municipal Government Policies, Environmental Issues, Management Information Systems for Public and Health Administration, Political Thought, Ethics, and Economics and Quantitative Methods.

The degree also helps you gain additional skills in communication and writing, public speaking, presentation, grant writing, strategic planning, motivation and faster decision making.

Because of the specialized knowledge and complexity of education involved, public administrators are expected to hold a masters or doctorate degree. Today, many accredited colleges offer online master of public administration degree and online doctorate of public administration program.

Public Administration Degree Jobs and Growth Prospects

Once you have your public administration masters degree in your hand, you can set your sights on leadership roles in not only government institutions but private organizations as well. Some positions that you can apply for include city administrator, health services manager, regional planner, emergency manager, policy analyst, and federal worker.

There is tremendous growth expected as far as employment opportunities for public administrators are concerned. Population growth, diversity and resource scarcity is leading to the demand for public policy administrators who can address these concerns and develop and implement sustainable action plans. Whether it’s urban, suburban, municipalities or rural areas, qualified public administration professionals will be asked to workout policies that will lead to the extensive development of public infrastructure.

There are rewarding careers to be led with your public administration degree online in health services, government IT, emergency management, and community services amongst various other domains.

Salary Expectations for Public Administrators

It’s important to note that the availability of accredited online public administration degrees has made public administration a very competitive domain. Many professionals are opting for a mid-career shift lured by the amazing career growth and lucrative salaries in this field. But the salaries you will earn depend on your experience, the qualification (Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.), geography and the kind of job you have.

According to Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), the average starting salary of public administrators is $51,360 in public sector, $ 75,500 in private sector and $40,000 in nonprofit sector.

Future Trends in Public Administration Domain

Many federal and state government organizations are undergoing or poised to undergo organizational restructuring and there will be an increasing need of multitalented staff to handle numerous responsibilities. Also, technology will start playing a more prominent role in how public policies are structured, deployed, monitored and evaluated. This means professionals must be able to use the latest technology to address the policy challenges they will encounter. Innovation will be a prized commodity and public administrators will have to learn to think on their feet and come up with out-of-the box strategies to meet the demands of the future and present.

If you want to enter the public service domain and make a real difference, you’ll need a degree in public administration that delivers immense value. At eDegreeSteps, you get access to an accredited online public administration degree that can lead to a highly satisfying and profitable career in public policy and administration.

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